FRAUTECH – Asiatic Edition

FRAUTECH – Asiatic Edition

Guaranteed first-class design and manufacture of centrifugal separators

With more than 100 years’ experience, the FRAUTECH brand name is present in dairy, beverage, beer and food plants all over the world and is a byword for long-term experience in design and manufacturing of centrifugal separators. FRAUTECH SEPARATORS Srl is a modern and dynamic company enhancing the prestige of a name traditionally synonymous with reliability, innovation, and high technology.

The company is located in Marano Vicentino (Vicenza), Italy, and has highly qualified personnel for the manufacture of centrifugal disc separators for the food industry. Ever since construction of the first machine in the 1920s, FRAUTECH has always offered advanced products. This motivation distinguishes this company, which continues to design separators with the utmost attention to detail, using materials of excellent quality. The use of electronic systems for full control of the equipment allows it to build machines with high separation efficiencies, saving operating costs and ensuring low energy consumption.

The wide range of FRAUTECH two-phase, three phase and solid-bowl and self-cleaning models, and the use of high-quality materials means that the separators can be used in many different applications. FRAUTECH SEPARATORS continuously researches new technologies applied in the separation business. A staff of experienced engineers is qualified to offer the ultimate solutions, with the ambition to fulfill even customers’ most demanding requirements.

Dairy separators

FRAUTECH SEPARATORS’ full range of products includes clarifiers, bacteria removing clarifiers and cream separators. These models are featuring a built-in, manual back-pressure control and a manual valve for milk fat standardization in cream separators. The high-grade finish on all surfaces as well as the quality of materials (stainless steel-clad base frame, stainless steel cabinet and motor hood) guarantee optimum cleanability. FRAUTECH SEPARATORS belt-drive transmission system helps optimizing motor control for a gentle start, rapid speed recovery after discharge and low energy consumption. Its smart bowl design, with a low amount of parts, is easy to maintain as it requires less spare parts and time for maintenance.

Beer clarifiers

With more than 120 installations, ArtBREW is a high-quality, simple-to-operate, plug-and-play beer clarification solution for your brewery. KO2 oxygen knock-out device was specifically designed to prevent the oxygen pick-up in beer. It is a unique inert gas sealing system that does not require deareated water or mechanical seals (no risk to contaminate the product). Dissolved oxygen pick-up is typically less than 10 ppb. The automation system of FRAUTECH SEPARATORS’ craft beer clarifiers was developed by a brewmaster starting from the needs of the final user: input/setting of your recipes on control panel, precise turbidity control, emptying and flushing cycle integrated into control panel, variable speed, recirculating system.

Beverage clarifiers

FRAUTECH SEPARATORS’ ArtBEV clarifiers are a plug-and-play solution with references in a wide range of applications: mainly fruit juice, tea, wine and vegetable drinks. Their special design is featuring a tangential cyclone with solids discharge tank and a liquid ring sealing to minimize oxygen pick-up. The clarifiers are easy to install, operate and maintain, with a high g-force to ensure extremely efficient separation. ArtBEV clarifiers can be used for any other product where fine solids have to be separated from a liquid phase, either to recover a valuable substance or to remove and dispose of a waste product.

To support its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of machineries, FRAUTECH SEPARATORS relies on a global network of authorized distributors and after-sale service partners. Whether your business is part of an international group or a local family company, FRAUTECH SEPARATORS’ mission is the same: to provide safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that boost your productivity. The experience of more than one century of activity, the careful selection of quality components, and valuable partners reward the confidence that customers place in FRAUTECH.