Omag – Asiatic Edition

Omag – Asiatic Edition

Omag: open doors to the future

Since 1973, Omag has been designing and developing packaging machines for powdery, granular, liquid and pasty products into 4-side sealed sachets, stick-pack and doy-pack for food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

More than 40 years of experience and know-how assure the best solution according to customer’s needs: every packaging machine can be equipped with different dosing system groups and combined with robot counting and feeding systems, cartoning machines and completed with a large variety of optionals.

Innovation and Industry 4.0

Continuous innovation and technical research allow Omag to guarantee strength, reliability and durability of its machines, all built with a pleasant design and according to GMP and FDA standards: “cantilever” design makes cleaning procedures and replacement of any component easier, every part in contact with the product is in stainless steel, the limited number of components present ensures that the machine is compact for the installation in restricted places.

In the last years Omag has nationally and internationally excelled with a strong economic and employment growth in the packaging world.

The key factors for this sustained rate of growth is the constant investment in research and development to be always up to date with Industry 4.0 new technologies: sensors, smart cameras, robotic systems and augmented reality implemented on the machines.

Omag is now actively implementing predictive maintenance on its machines: thanks to IoT technologies, remote control and machines interconnection, in a very near future, it will be possible to constantly monitor the machine status, components lifecycle and system performances in order to minimize the risk of machine downtime.

Every machine is customizable, can easily pack a wide range of products in different pouches dimensions and sizes and can be designed on one or more packaging lanes according to customer’s indications about speed and production.

OMAG’s solutions for sachet:

C3, vertical continuous motion packaging machine;

• CP, vertical intermittent motion packaging machine with sealing plates;

CO, horizontal packaging machine that allows to produce Doy-pack and 3-side sealed pouches;

CG, carousel packaging machine starting from pre-formed Doy-pack and sachets.

Alternatively, for stick-pack:

CS, vertical intermittent motion packaging machine fully servo-driven equipped;

CS-Junior, a compact and flexible version of CS machine;

DIVA, vertical intermittent motion machine designed for sugar packaging.

According to the type of product to be packed, Omag equips its machines with different dosing system:

• Oscillating dosing system ideal to pack granular and free-flowing products like sugar, tea and salt;

Auger dosing system developed for powder and not free-flowing products like baking powder, cocoa powder, coffee powder and flour;

Pump dosing system designed for liquid, viscous, pasty, creamy products and gel like syrup, peanut butter, sauces, ketchup and liquid soap;

Special applications for tablets, capsules, dried fruit and seeds.

This is Omag: evolution and flexibility, meeting new challenges head on.