Metalmont – Arabic Edition

Metalmont – Arabic Edition

METALMONT is an Italian company that has been operating in the storage field of grains since 1995. The company helps farmers, agro-industrial companies, millers, grain traders and feed producers from more than 20 Countries around the world to choose the most suitable solution for the storage of their products. 

The main activity of METALMONT is designing, manufacturing and marketing handling and pre-cleaning equipment used for the mechanization of silo plants, as well as the automation of flat storage warehouses.

The METALMONT equipment is designed to work perfectly with bulk products such as grains, oil seeds and pulses, as well as products that tend to cake, such as soybean meal.

The main goal of METALMONT is to help operators of the agro-industrial field:

to choose the most cost-effective solution for grains storing (silos or flat storage warehouses, in a variety of configurations);

to minimize grain losses before, during and after storage;

to simplify the process of meals storage, ensuring the safety of the staff;

• to minimize operating costs and maximize revenues.

Download the PDF: Metalmont_Arabic_2022