Inoxmeccanica – Arabic Edition

Inoxmeccanica – Arabic Edition

Research, development, and technology are at the core of Inox Meccanica’s projects, aiming to strengthen and preserve its region’s traditions and history.

Inox Meccanica’s dream has become reality thanks to a life dedicated to an ongoing pursuit of simplicity, quality and constructive efficiency. That’s a fruitful marriage increasing speed in production processes. Here they are the driving forces shaping this company’s industrial automation concept. 

As a global market leader since 1975, Inox Meccanica designs and manufactures machinery for meat processing and packaging, focusing on sausage products. Thanks to the experience developed over the years, Inox Meccanica jumped into a diametrically and complementary field; it fully immerged into the world dedicated to washing and sanitation of all sorts of production tools and containers, finding the sector cleverly cross-cutting. 

1968 is the year of its first patent; a date opening the door to a pride that has persisted for almost fifty years. With the desire to satisfy customers’ most peculiar and diversified requests, Inox Meccanica has achieved around 50 commercial partnerships which allow it today to cover almost 60 countries all over the world. 

Inox Meccanica manufactures more than eighty machines for industrial plants each year, entirely handmade in Italy, in a workplace covering more than ten thousand square meters. However, the beating heart of its headquarters consists of almost 100 employees divided between production, warehouse, technical/electrical department, administration and sales. Staff to whom Inox Meccanica provides an on-going training to ensure a highly competent workforce.


So far, its meticulousness has assured the attribute “quality” to Inox Meccanica branded products which, together with a selected dealer network and strategic business partnerships, have ranked the company at the peak of the national and international market. The distinctive quality note associated with the Italianness of Inox Meccanica AISI 304 stainless steel products, coupled with its after-sales service, make global expansion visible, reaching all the way to the Americas and Australia.

The sales procedure is inclusive, on request, of tests, if the customer feels the need to put Inox Meccanica machines to a trial with specific needs and their own food recipes. 

Thanks to an exclusive Pilot Plant, Inox Meccanica can test industrial production, both for the development of new products and for the optimisation of traditional production processes. However, the testing does not just end with the packaging procedure. After that, the food can also be evaluated from a microbiological aspect in the new laboratory, and from an organoleptic and taste angle in a modern, purpose-equipped tasting room.

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