Europa – Arabic Edition

Europa – Arabic Edition

For more than 30 years, EUROPA has been selling professional ovens to a large number of bakeries, pastry and pizza shops, hotels and supermarket chains, exporting to more than 70 Countries worldwide.

Established in 1990, the brand EUROPA has become synonymous with reliability and innovation, specializing in the production of commercial ovens and equipment for bread, pastry and pizza baking. 

The company grew and expanded in a very short time, leading the business over the main international markets. This could happen thanks to a dynamic team, characterized by a professional and fresh approach. The management group has always been supported by a qualified and experienced technical staff, ready to understand market’s requirements and to meet customers’ needs. Experimentation and research, in fact, have always represented the primary purpose of this company.

Over the years, EUROPA has consolidated world-wide its own position, thanks to a constant renewal of its range with increasingly more advanced products. It continues to grow year by year, consolidating its presence both in Italy and abroad, relying on a strong mark, which means quality and modernity.

The wide range of products offered by EUROPA is divided in 2 main product lines: the BLACK line and the GREEN line. 

The BLACK line offers a large number of ovens and provers suitable for artisan bakers, industrial bakery/pastry/biscuits productions and supermarket chains. In this line, you can find rack ovens, electric deck ovens, steam tube deck ovens, multi-loading deck ovens and provers. 

A special mention is needed for GALILEO rack ovens. Through the years, this oven has become even more complete, sophisticated and modern. Its strong points are COMPACT dimensions and solid structure, joining together refined design and functionality. GALILEO has been studied to simplify the cleaning and the ordinary maintenance. Besides, the improved combustion chamber, completely renewed with innovative technologies, has allowed to reach a very high efficiency, with surprising recovery times and very low average consumptions.

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