Elvem – Arabic Edition

Elvem – Arabic Edition

A solid family-run business with more than 50 years of experience, strong local roots and a pronounced international vocation: this is Elvem’s identity card.

Located in Cartigliano, in the province of Vicenza, Elvem focuses its core business on the electric motor industry. The origins of the company date back to the early 1960s when Luciano Baron founded EBL (Elettromeccanica Baron Luciano) and thanks to his strong initiative and determination he managed to make the company known and consolidated all over the world.

The second generation now leads the company with a particular attention to technological innovation and development. Thanks to the stock of almost 150,000 units including finished motors, components and semi-finished products, Elvem guarantees a complete service to the customer. One of Elvem’s strengths is the ability to customize the product according to specific requests, afterwards testing it in a cutting-edge test room. Examples of this are the specific motors for food industry; the brake electric motors used by woodworking machinery to those more specific for theaters; motors for high or low temperatures; ATEX for areas at risk of explosion. 

In recent years, motors with built-in inverters have been very successful, since they allow remote monitoring and programming, under the valuable guidance and support of Elvem’s technical staff. 

Elvem has always been sensitive to issues of efficiency and energy saving. For years, it has been aiming to promote and sensitize the market to the use of products that guarantee a sustainable tomorrow. Already in 2019, Elvem presents the new series of permanent magnet motors (PM), a result of an innovative and technological development and a latest generation product, both in terms of efficiency and performance, which comply with European and international regulations on the protection of the environment and citizens’ health.

Elvem’s main focus is offering high-performance products with low energy consumption, reduced business management costs and low environmental impact. 

At the same time, the company has invested in the design of the casing, with an aim to make it more compact, easy to use, with efficient heat dissipation.

Offering customers an efficient, fast and personalized service has always been Elvem’s driving philosophy since the beginning, combining every day the expertise typical of Italian manufacturing with a company able to provide a dynamic and flexible response to the contemporary global market. 

To find out more, visit the website www.elvem.it 

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