BBM – Arabic Edition

BBM – Arabic Edition

BBM Service: Turn-key solutions for your bottling and packaging line

BBM Service is an Italian excellence in the bottling and packaging of water, milk, alcoholic and soft drinks. For 15 years, BBM has been working with major international brands, providing a turnkey service of complete line design and 24/7 assistance.

A wide selection of 200+ used machines in the new 10,000 m2 showroom

BBM has an impressive selection of used packaging machines, fully overhauled to perform as the latest generation machines. BBM offers the best of the used market, including blow moulders, fillers, labellers, shrink wrappers, wrap-around packers, tray formers, palletizers and much more! Customers can view the machines and follow the overhaul and start-up process remotely, or visit the BBM showroom in Lenna (Bergamo, Italy).

Quality assurance

All machines undergo several tests to ascertain their effective condition. Any defective components are replaced for maximum performance. For even greater security, BBM provides a full 6-month warranty on all its reconditioned machinery.

Available in just 90/120 days

BBM stocks everything needed for a turnkey supply. After the machine has been customized, BBM technicians are ready to carry out transport, assembly, and start-up the machinery at the customer’s site.

Green investment

The growing problem of disposal of heavy industrial material makes it necessary to adopt a new philosophy, where old machines are not scrapped, but taken back by suppliers like BBM. Buying overhauled, second-hand equipment means making a conscious, convenient, and environmentally friendly choice.

At you can consult the complete catalogue of used BBM machines and accessories. Information sheets are complete with layouts, technical details, and videos of the machines in action. Contact for a free quote.


Backed by 20 years of experience and a team of more than 50 qualified technicians, BBM offers a full range of services to support the customer: line dismantling and relocation, changeover, scheduled plant maintenance, and training. BBM also provides a 24/7 remote assistance service. What else?

BBM offers its know-how for highly specialised engineering work. BBM’s portfolio consists of machinery upgrades to exploit the machine’s full potential and achieve energy and cost savings. In particular, BBM specializes in upgrades on blow moulding machines; with a few simple installations, 35% less energy consumption can be achieved.

Spare parts compatible with major OEMs

BBM is an independent alternative for the supply of spare parts, having a large stock of mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic components compatible with the major brands in the industry.

Saving is possible: BBM offers complete overhaul kits for the maintenance of machines, at highly advantageous prices. The prices are on average 15-20% lower than the market average. In the event of emergencies, delivery is handled personally through dedicated service, at no extra cost.

Spare parts are always guaranteed: BBM solves the problem of supplying raw materials and equipment, having at its disposal 1,800 m2 of large stock and a functional minimum stock program of sensitive material that can cause downtime.

High quality: new spare parts are tested in a certified laboratory and undergo a rigorous quality control scheme.

Showcase: Natural and sparkling water pet line 22,000 BPH

The ideal bottling line: flexible, cost-efficient, sustainable. Fully overhauled and guaranteed by BBM Service, the line bottles up to 22,000 bottles per hour. Ideal for bottling still and sparkling water and beverages in PET bottles. The advantages?

1. Already available

The current difficulties in sourcing raw materials often cause delays in the supply of new machinery. The complete 22,000 bph line is already available; see it in the BBM showroom in Lenna (Bergamo)

2. Turnkey service

BBM Service will take care of the conservative disassembly, transport, reassembly, testing and annual overhaul of the machine at your plant.

3. Customised to your needs

BBM will study the best solution to optimize the line and adapt its layout to your plant. If required, we will perform ad hoc customizations, format changes, or energy-saving upgrades.

قطع غيار متوافقة مع مصنعي المعدات الأصلية “OEM” الرئيسيين

تمثل بي بي إم بديلًا صالحًا ومستقلًا لتوريد قطع الغيار، حيث تمتلك مستودعًا كبيرًا من المكونات الميكانيكية، والهوائية، والإلكترونية المتوافقة مع العلامات التجارية الكبرى في هذا القطاع.

الادخار ممكنًا: تقدم بي بي إم مجموعات فحص كاملة لصيانة الآلات بأكملها، وبأسعار مناسبة للغاية مقارنة بشراء الآلة. الأسعار في المتوسط 15-20% أقل من متوسط أسعار السوق؛ علاوة على ذلك، لا تفرض بي بي إم رسوم إضافية على عمليات التسليم السريع. في حالات الطوارئ، تتم إدارة التوريد شخصيًا من خلال مساعدة مخصصة، دون أي تكلفة إضافية.

قطع الغيار مضمونة دائمًا: تحل بي بي إم مشكلة توفير المواد الخام والمعدات، بمساحة 1.800 متر مربع من المخزون الكبير والبرنامج الوظيفي لأدنى مخزون من المواد الحساسة التي يمكن أن تتسبب في تعطل الماكينة.

جودة عالية للغاية: يتم اختبار قطع الغيار الجديدة في مختبر معتمد وتخضع لمخطط صارم لمراقبة الجودة.