Defino & Giancaspro – Asiatic Edition

Defino & Giancaspro – Asiatic Edition

Defino & Giancaspro “has its roots in the time of mills made by wood”. The company was founded in 1965 in Gravina in Puglia (Bari-Italy) thanks to some craftsmen, whose main occupation was the assembling of milling plants and whose only capital was the work of their hands and their commitment to the world of wheat and cereals.

The master-fitter Vito Antonio Giancaspro, the father of the current General Manager, had many skills in various fields such as carpentry, mechanics, plants and food technology. This “artisan” disposition, after more than 50 years, remains the cornerstone of the company philosophy and is one of its strengths. The company continues nowadays to provide its customers with all the experience and expertise of over one hundred employees with the same passion and enthusiasm.

The goal of the Defino &Giancaspro is not to simply offer a machine or a plant, but to supply all the technologies and means to adapt them to the customer’s requirements.

Just like a high-quality tailored dress, the product meets the customers’ needs but always respect the company style with the unmistakable Made in Italy quality.

Engineering, prototyping, research and continuous development ensure always the best solution to the customer. In Defino & Giancaspro design is meant with the overall conception of work planning, with the aim to turn ideas into product specification through the precious and constant sharing of information between young engineers and expert workers.

The company is a specialist in realization of carbon and stainless steel spouting and accessories, has a pool consisting of more than fifty types of machines in various sizes and operates construction and assembly of structures and silos. Its success lies in the precision and accuracy of working, always realized within their own workshop, and in the use of forefront machinery and certified welding techniques, which offer an excellent finishing and quality.

The service does not end at the delivery of the supply, the relationship with the customer continues through the optimization and the implementation of the new product, ensuring support, maintenance and constant assistance, namely a complete turnkey product.

Plants and machines manufactured and assembled by Defino & Giancaspro are requested and appreciated all over the world. Almost daily and constant are collaborations not only in Italy and Europe, but also with Russia, the United States, Mexico and North Africa.

Proud of their work, everywhere, from the offices to the workshop, all the departments work daily to improve and expand the range of products and services to satisfy both historical and new customers.”