CUOMO – Asiatic Edition

CUOMO – Asiatic Edition

CUOMO is a family-run company specializing in design and production of metal packaging and food processing machinery. Founded in 1964 by three brothers, CUOMO is headquartered in Nocera Inferiore, Salerno, and run by its founders’ sons.

The company’s production range includes the following:

• Food processing machinery

• Twist cap machinery

• Metal packaging machinery

Food processing machinery

Machines, complete lines and equipment for primary and secondary packing suitable for any food (vegetables, meats, fishes, oils, milks, etc.). This kind of machinery carry out packing process of food, including thermal treatment of the filled container and final packing of filled containers in accordance with the market requests. The keystone of those production lines is the filling-closing automatic groups, where containers are automatically filled – by gravity either vacuum or volumetrically – by double seamers. The food processing machinery range allows to cover production speeds from 60 up to 1.000 cpm, for can sizes ranging between 70 gr and 5 Kg. (from 202 to 603 can size AS).


Twist cap machinery

Machinery and complete lines for production of metal lug caps, twist-off type, for glass jars. This division is dedicated to suit any need of glass packing (bottles, jars) industry of foodstuff such as jams, legumes, tuna fish, ketchup, sauces, etc. Lug caps manufacturing line based on a double die strip feed press, served upstream by a scroll shearing line and, downstream, by operational machines all rotary type, with production speeds up to 1.000 caps per minute. Fully automatic manufacturing process which allows to save on production costs.

Metal packaging machinery

Fully Automatic machines and lines for tinplate cans. Complete lines for end/shell starting from the tinplate sheet. All machinery has been individually designed for a new generation of can making lines, allowing to reach production speeds of up to 900 cpm. Independent operational machines or multi-machine groups are available, for can body making lines, to suit customers’ particular needs.

The company’s range of machinery also includes the Automatic telescopic filler. Made of stainless steel AISI 304 and in compliance with EC rules, the machine is suitable for volumetric filling of a wide range of solid products into metal cans, glass jars, plastic container, cartons, etc.

The complete filling process is performed by the most advanced technologies for they guarantee filling accuracy. The machine allows fast changeover of container sizes and easy access for cleaning and maintenance operations.

On request, the machine can be also manufactured with container tangential exit; the machine can handle a range of different diameters up to 5 Kg.

This automatic telescopic filling machine is suitable for filling the following products: tomato (whole and cubes), olives (whole and sliced), legumes, sweet corn, vegetables (sliced and diced), artichokes (hearts), onions, mushrooms, picked vegetables, seafood, pet food, fruits (whole, sliced and diced), hazelnuts, nuts and peanuts. Depending on product and container size, the machine can run at speeds from 40 to 1200 cpm.

Among the Cuomo machines, we can also find the Automatic Seamer Mod. A480; it is a machine with 10 seaming heads, rotary can type, adjustable height tower, for seaming metal lids to cylindrical, filled, cans.

This sturdy and steady machine offers outstanding performances. It is specially designed for closing filled cans (any type of product) by utilizing the most up-to-dated technologies. All machine parts getting into contact with product, are made of stainless steel.

It is also worth highlighting that Cuomo grants customers the best after-sales, technical and any kind of assistance, in Italy and abroad, and that has always been the company’s main target, on which trust in the future is grounded and toward which the company is heading to, knowingly and with its usual inherent strength.

The engineering of state-of-the-art machinery has enabled the company to deal with complex technological issues concerning sectors such as metal packaging and metal twist-off capsules, with spirit of innovation and cutting-edge technology.