CPE FOODTECH – Asiatic Edition

CPE FOODTECH – Asiatic Edition

CPE FOODTECH Srl offers complete and modular bottling lines suitable for countless types of liquids, such as vegetables and mineral oils, water, alcohol, wine, milk, fruit juices, chemicals, gels, etc.

The production capacity of CPE FOODTECH lines ranges from 200 bottles min. to 3,000 bottles max. per hour using glass, tin, PE, PET, PVC, aluminum containers etc. format from 15 ml up to 20 lt.

Filling technology

Upon request, CPE FOODTECH supplies complete lines for loading bottles, filling, capping, labeling, conveyor belts and loading and unloading tables both rotating and linear.

Filling technology can be volumetric, electronic (mass or electromagnetic), and gravity.

Capping technology

CPE FOODTECH supplies single-head, rotary, Pick & Place capping machines with formats that can be customized upon customer’s request.

Are you looking for a partner to develop your projects?

CPE FOODTECH’s goal is not selling products but offering solutions according to customer’s needs.

For any clarification, technical information or simply to share your problem, CPE FOODTECH is at your complete disposal.

CPE FOODTECH designs its machines simplifying and optmizing all their components, thus bringing remarkable benefit to maintenance and reliability over time.

Design is fundamental element, in fact, CPE FOODTECH develops machines that are easy to maintain and manage; components tested over time are great advantage to the production.