Coldtech – Asiatic Edition

Coldtech – Asiatic Edition

Coldtech was established in 2006 on the founders’ experience acquired in the sector of industrial and commercial cold storage doors for the preservation and freezing of food products since 1991.

A team of in-house engineers for whom providing a service implies listening to the customer’s voice, sharing and interpreting their needs, assisting them in selecting the single accessories up to and including final shipment of the components or of the cold storage doors. Constant dialogue that makes it possible to identify problems as they occur and to incorporate the right improvements in Coldtech products. A 360° service combined with a portfolio of products with an extremely competitive quality/price ratio.

Coldtech is able to provide assistance and consulting for the construction and start-up of a cold storage door factory, including layout, machinery, the selection and training of operators, selection of suppliers. On a rapidly-changing market, cutting-edge innovation is one of its main assets. Continuous development in the freezing and refrigeration of food plays a decisive role for Coldtech and represents a major investment for its business strategy.

Customer services

With a firmly-entrenched international presence and in-depth knowledge of refrigeration requirements, this company is in the best position to propose its services for the construction of industrial cold storage doors. All the components of industrial cold storage doors are developed and industrialised according to customers’ product specifications making it possible to produce hinged or sliding, vertical sliding and fold-up doors… for both positive and negative temperatures and also thermo-acoustic insulation materials for the food packaging industry.

A scenario in constant evolution

Many challenges lie ahead and to outperform our increasingly fierce competitors, it is essential to continue to develop new products and improve existing offerings.

Spurred by the experience acquired in recent the years in international markets, Coldtech has recorded 90% of its turnover mainly in emerging countries. Working closely to the customer, Coldtech draws up a specific analysis plan in order to assess and investigate any production problem. The company also makes an in-depth analysis of the customers and the market, providing specific training in refrigeration-related aspects and associated pollution problems.