Alba & Teknoservice– Asiatic Edition

Alba & Teknoservice– Asiatic Edition

New lines for Gluten free

A new concept of Alba & Teknoservice for next 2021 affirms its sensitivity to the gluten-free product with the study of equipment entirely dedicated to the enhancement of special doughs.

Green light to the growing demand for croissants, pies, crackers, pizza, bread and many other gluten-free products. They will be the protagonists of this 2021 with an increasing focus on the final yield and the nutritional qualities of the product itself.

In addition to providing the latest generation machinery designed for “difficult” doughs to work, Albaequipment is increasingly closer to its customers and consumers by opening the doors of its laboratories to those who want to test or try their own doughs.

The owner himself comments: “The increasing demand to produce healthy, good, organic, vegan or gluten-free foods by our customers and market trends have led us to develop a line completely dedicated to respecting the product and its particularity”.

The success of Albaequipment is due to this, a company with an all-Italian brand with over thirty years of experience in the world of bakery and pastry equipment.

Today, Alba & Teknoservice is pleased to introduce you:

Gluten Free Line – artisan lines for gluten-free products

Extrusion, lamination and forming systems for delicate or gluten-free dough. High-tech solutions to make what seems difficult simple.

• Gluten Free Croissant Line

• Gluten Free Tart Line

• Gluten Free Cracker Line

• Gluten Free Pizza Line*

• Gluten Free Bread Line

• Customizable Gluten Free Line

The “Gluten Free” lines are the right choice for those who work with gluten free products but also special doughs such as wholemeal: buckwheat, Korasan wheat (Kamut), Arso wheat, Soy, and much more.

The use of the lines is facilitated by a PLC touch screen with an intuitive interface that allows you to save different configurations depending on the number of layers to be made and the yield of the dough. The programs are customizable and can be remotely controlled.

From the dough to the finished product: the Gluten Free Line range is all you need to ensure taste and quality, even for the most difficult processes. Bruschetta, ciabatta, sandwiches, classic or flavoured crackers, pizza, croissants, pies and many other products dedicated to the growing number of intolerant people and those who appreciate a healthy diet.

From the artisan line for small workshops to the industrial plant, Albaequipment will be the trusted partner of your success!