BEA Technologies – Asiatic Edition

BEA Technologies – Asiatic Edition

Purification and contamination control in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The pharmaceutical and food industry is constantly evolving, even in terms of the supply of raw materials and materials used in manufacturing of filter elements. Thus, it is necessary to apply more sustainable and efficient methods that can be developed in full collaboration between the client and the supplier.

Roberto Bea’s BEA Technologies S.P.A., a company that deals with filtration and purification of liquids and compressed gases, acts exactly towards this direction, ensuring high-purity fluids to its customers for over sixty years.

From day one, BEA Technologies has been constantly specializing in the production of filtration products for critical applications. Thus, reaching one high level of excellence with the BEAPURE range – “animal-free” filters.

The future of the pharmaceutical world

The products of the “BEAPURE” line are completely free from products, as gelatins and additives, obtained from animals. Furthermore, thanks to the use of polymer products, polypropylene, polyester, and Nylon 66, these products are specifically selected and elaborated for the pharmaceutical sector.

These filters are also available with HALAL certification to ensure that the requested requirements are met, and they can even be used in all manufacturing processes of active ingredients and medications where specific high level of purity of the components, used during the production process, are required.

All filter elements of the BEAPURE line are assembled in a cleanroom with controlled atmosphere to ensure maximum cleanliness and quality during the various assembling stages and reproducibility of performance.

The filters equipped with a sterilizing membrane are pre-flushed with “Endotoxin-free” water to eliminate any potential traces of endotoxins and processing residues.

In 1981, BEA Technologies has been one of the first Italian realities to install a cleanroom for the production of filtered elements, then modernized in 2011.For the future, the company’s president Roberto Bea has predicted a significative investment to double the cleanroom production area.

BEA Technologies’s goal is to be considered as a preferred supplier of filters and filtered elements at a European and global level.

A goal partly already reached, considering the fact that BEA Technologies S.P.A. has developed an international distribution network in Europe, America and Asia.

BIOKLARIS – Sterilizing membrane filters

Filtration for beverage production

It is really important today to use correct filtration systems in order to maintain the main characteristics and properties of beverages unchanged and at the same time ensure the removal of suspensions, colloidal particles and all other unwanted particles and including the microbiological stabilization in order to guarantee improved bottle preservation.

BEA Technologies offers a new series of membrane filters “BIOKLARIS” that provide high performance for a complete range of flow rates and applications.

Thanks to the combination of different layers and final membranes, they can eliminate all microorganisms that may contaminate the product during the production process, especially microorganisms that might be present in the make -up water or water used for cleaning equipment.

Preserving the composition of beverages during production and storage requires the use of special filtration technologies that prevent changes in the composition and ensure the preservation of specific flavours and all other tastes and characteristics.

In comparison to hot stabilization (pasteurization), cold biological stabilization, achieved through membrane filtration, is capable of ensuring the elimination of different bacteria without the addition of chemical substances, thus fully preserving the most valued organoleptic characteristics of the product. This crucial operation must be performed prior to bottling.