Albrigi- Asiatic Edition

Albrigi- Asiatic Edition

Albrigi Vera: A story made of passion, work, respect

The story of Stefano Albrigi and his company begins long ago, in 1954, when Stefano’s father starts his own business.

Stefano grows up in an environment where the sense of entrepreneurship is strong, combining the observation of the day-to-day work in a mechanical workshop with a personal passion for technology to apply to cellars and wine. A passion that leads him, still in his youth, to spend much of his free time studying the work of oenologists and cellarmen, trying to understand those secrets that make Valpolicella one of the areas with the greatest wine vocation nationally.

After some professional experiences in other companies, Stefano returns to his father’s company, bringing a wind of innovation. But his drive does not end here, and in 1989 it leads him to set up his own business, making use of the acquired knowledge to create high-quality systems.

Stefano, focusing on innovation, quality, and attention to detail, quickly leads Albrigi Tecnologie to become a brand known all over the world. Over time the company transforms, evolves, not only in the production processes, but in the organization, in the continuous training of its staff, and in customer support. Alongside a vast range of products for the oenological sector with a natural inclination to build innovative systems for processing liquids, Albrigi manufactures increasingly articulated and customized systems for sectors where the quality of the product and the finishes are essential elements. Systems specifically dedicated to the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil, biotech and nanotech, and petrochemical industries.

Today Albrigi, with an operational structure of almost 30,000 square meters, has 60 employees and faces, with the enthusiasm and determination that distinguish its founder, the challenges and opportunities that a market open to the world is able to offer.

Combining the name Albrigi with the word Tecnologie (Technologies) has a precise meaning: born in the wine sector, where there is absolute respect for traditions, we always try to introduce the most advanced technologies in the products we create. This is why there is a constant collaboration with institutions and universities in search of the most innovative and effective solutions. Not only in the product, but also in the manufacturing processes, in the processing, in the use of sustainable products, to guarantee the best result. The goal is to provide customers with systems built with the technology and efficiency of a modern company combined with the expertise and care of an artisan company, to combine these two souls which, if skilfully merged, can lead to the production of excellence.

Aiming for excellence in the creation of systems for the processing of food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical liquids, and bio- and nanotechnologies, for Albrigi means thinking about the needs of the end customers and the processes that they will have to carry out with that equipment. This means evaluating how to maximally optimize the processes, automating operations in the cellar or in the plant, facilitating maintenance and cleaning, respecting the environment. Because Albrigi’s work does not end with selling a product, but with providing a complete range of services: financing services, start-up services, technician training, after-sales assistance, implementation of existing plants with Industry 4.0, and used items collection. Used items that are offered to customers, keeping the services unchanged, exclusively with Albrigi Tecnologie warranty.

Today, Albrigi products tread the stages of South America (southern Brazil and northern Mexico and Chile and Argentina at the top), South Africa, Far East Asia (Japan at the top), North America and Canada, Australia, Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain, and Croatia), Russia, and the countries of former Soviet Union. Dealing with needs and mentalities that are distant from our national ones often forces us to question ourselves and this is always a source of enrichment for us and for our activities.

Following the evolution of the market and the production needs, Albrigi creates both external and internal covered systems for the storage and mixing of food liquids in compliance with the safety standards for those who use them, therefore the HACCP, FDA, PED, ASME, UL, ANTISEISMIC, and ATEX standards are the fundamental rules that dictate the basic requirements of Albrigi Tecnologie systems.

All systems include pumps, pipes, weight and level sensors, litre counters, manual and pneumatic valves, saturation with inert gas, nitrogen, CO2, argon, dedicated high-performance electrical control panels, essential tools for any system with PLC for the management of the transfer processes that operate both manually and automatically with remote process control, managed by customized programs with algorithms, reducing manpower by 70%.

A wide range of systems to condition new and existing process plants and tanks: with air gaps, heat exchangers, thermoplates, pipe insulation, thermal power plants, steam generators, and diathermic oil. Albrigi Tecnologie’s steam generators and conditioning units can be used with low, medium, and high pressure; the excellent performance and energy saving, including the recovery of dispersed energy, are the result of a design and construction designed to ensure maximum reliability and durability. They meet the high demands of medium and large systems and guarantee considerable energy savings.

Washing is a very important phase for a technological system in any sector, to prepare all the equipment and systems for the processes they are designed for. Albrigi Tecnologie is specialized in the study and application of fully programmable fixed manual and automatic washing systems, and in the complete sanitization and sterilization of every corner and surface, always respecting the environment, reducing pollution by 80%. Albrigi Tecnologie was the first in the world to develop a system that carries out any type of process recovering every litre of product, reducing the treatment work by 80%, in some cases even by 95%. Amazing data that makes its customers save a lot of money.

Respecting traditions in sectors, such as the food and wine one, where the secret of the genuineness and originality of a product lies in the past. Respecting their customers, their requests and needs, and ultimately those of their own customers. Respecting the work of its employees, guaranteeing their safety and well-being at the workplace. Respecting the territory that hosts us, being an integral part of its development and social fabric. This is Albrigi Vera.