PND – Arabic Edition

PND – Arabic Edition

PND: Machinery excellence in fruit processing for over 20 years 

From 6 to 28 fruits per minute, according to the model chosen, the peeling machine mod. PL1D / PL2D / PL4D, dedicated to the external peeling of melons and pineapples, guarantees optimal production with minimum waste.

PND, a leading Italian company in manufacturing of fruit processing machinery, has in fact always invested in quality and innovation, developing and providing advanced and integrated solutions for fruit companies. This machine is one of those.

It is a semi-automatic peeler, with manual loading, equipped with an electrical panel where two inverters inside are able to regulate the rotation speed of fruit and blade. Three models are available: with one, two and four processing stations.

Its structure in food-grade stainless steel, essential for food processing, guarantees maximum hygiene and durability. The final product is easily processed without affecting its nutritional and organoleptic integrity.

The peeler mod. PL2D / PL4D is also equipped with two conveyor belts, that is one for peeled product and one for waste, with a waste chute and small tables for inspection and cutting of fruit top&tail, in order to obtain maximum precision.

Automating product and waste transport procedures means increasing performance and increasing the process speed. This machine, in fact, is particularly user-friendly both for the operator who is entrusted with the task of fruit loading manually, and for the technician who takes care of it for maintenance and that is often reduced to a minimum.

PND provides customized line solutions, which adapt to all customer needs: in fact, in this case it is possible to carry out a further operation, namely cutting, by combining the peeler with a machine suitable for cutting into spears and chunks mod. SCMA.

Use and integration ease into production processes, considerable versatility in actions, effective and rapid maintenance and customer care allow not only to reduce costs, but also to improve results.

PND invites you to visit its website, consult the catalogue of the processing lines and the various machines, as well as be informed of all the international trade fairs in which the PND company will take part.

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