Pigo – Asiatic Edition

Pigo – Asiatic Edition

The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future” (E.H.)

The future of the conservation is in the possibility to conserve the product in the easiest way possible. That is why the future is now. The perfect complicity of the high technology, simplicity for the user and economical advantage are all concentrated in PIGO EFD Easy Freeze Dryer.

PIGO’s long term experience in fruit and vegetables processing brought it to develop the high-tech freeze dryer that allows to save delicate aromas while drying the frozen product under vacuum producing a premium quality product. The ice contained in the product is sublimated, hence transformed from solid to gas and then trapped inside the condensation system. The sensorial properties of the finished product are absolutely superimposable to those of the fresh product. At the completion of the process, the treated product will have retained its form, volume and original structure, as well as all its physical, chemical and biological properties. It can then be stored (if provided with packaging preventing the moisture migration) for an almost indefinite period of time. As the product is porous, it can be re-dissolved by the simple addition of a proper solvent (water).

For the process of lyophilization (freeze drying) it is necessary the IQF freezing process of the product. And for the perfect IQF process before lyophilization PIGO recommends its EASY Freeze IQF Freezer. Full controlled fluidisation method keeps the product constantly suspended above the belt in a cushion of air.

The result is the immediate crust freezing and efficient core freezing of individual pieces, regardless of type, variety or condition of product.

Maximized freezing efficiency is guaranteed for each unique product, whether the product is heavy, light, soft, sticky or fragile, thanks to variable speed control of all fans and all other build-inn drives, allowing on-the-fly optimization of air flow conditions.

As for freezing, besides the IQF Freezers Easy Freeze, PIGO also produces Spiral Freezers Easy Freeze SPYRO, the freezer with the most superior sanitation, entirely made of stainless steel, including all parts of structure construction and machinery.

PIGO srl is also specialized in other drying and freezing machinery. In addition to Easy Freeze Dryer EFD, PIGO’s main machines for drying process are adiabatic multistage belt dryer PG135 and tunnel dryer PG128.

The diabatic multistage belt dryer Easy Dry PG 135 with continuous return air condensing drying and individual zone drying gives to the user the possibility to dry product at very low temperatures, with up to 2-3 times shorter drying time, preserving product colour and quality.

The key advantages of PIGO technology and difference with competitive technologies are:

Money saving process, thanks to faster freezing and drying with lower power consumption – PIGO proprietary freezing method reduces freezing time by up to 25% while consuming less energy.

No product weight loss/zero dehydration. Uniquely designed features allow air flow which are crucially important for preserving the natural integrity of your product, almost immediate crust freezing and preventing product weight loss.

Higher yield and faster investment return.

Listeria and pathogen free operation. Today’s “must” for food safety, provided by open design of all machinery parts.

Operator friendly. All steps in the freezing process are designed to facilitate simple, fast and efficient operation and maintenance, with no downtime.

Industry 4.0 capable system – “smart factory enabled”.

Besides the abovementioned machines PIGO also produces complete stone fruit processing lines. Two of its main machines is the high-capacity automatic pitting machine PG 103 and small-capacity pitting machine PG 104. Reports from customers verify an industry-leading pitting efficiency of 0.01%-0.02% (1:5000-1:10000) remaining pits after the pitting process.

For more information PIGO invites you to visit its website www.pigo.it or simply e-mail to info@pigo.it. There are also some short video clips of PIGO machines in operation on www.youtube.com, look for PIGOsrl.

Recalling the philosophy “give the best to people who expect the best. (D.Z.)” PIGO invites you to contact them for any information you need.