Oli – Americas Edition

Oli – Americas Edition

OLI, 60 years of constant growth

OLI has been a market leader in the sale of industrial vibrators for years. In 2021, it celebrated 60 years of history and inaugurated the new headquarters in Medolla (province of Modena).

It can boast an extensive sales and customer service network: 25 commercial branches and 36 warehouses on 5 continents, supplied by 3 production plants, two of which in Italy (Medolla and Parma).

Originally born to produce vibrators intended for vibrating concrete, OLI has grown at a constant pace, becoming a world reference point in all sectors.

The wide range of products, designed and certified to meet all market demands, combines competitiveness, reliability, and a globally certified quality management.

With its technical expertise and valuable knowledge of the market, OLI is a credible partner when it comes to finding the solution that best suits the needs and of each individual customer.

As proof of its continuous growth, in recent years OLI has implemented and completed the range of vibrators, designed specifically for purifiers and for the food sector. MVE Milling and MVE Stainless Steel immediately convinced the markets, which year after year have increased requests.

Even in the packaging sector, OLI confirms to be a strategic partner thanks to the multiplicity of solutions offered, ranging from electric vibrators, even small ones, pneumatic vibrators, hammers, passing through “metal detector” fluidification systems, used to avoid any contamination of the food powders.

That’s not all, customers who turn to OLI can count on a single partner for the supply of:

• Industrial vibrators: electric vibrators for vibrating equipment and machines.

• Flow facilitators: complete range of electric and pneumatic vibrators to solve any problem of smoothness.

• Concrete consolidation: complete systems for concrete vibration.

• Elastic elements

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