OCRIM – Asiatic Edition

OCRIM – Asiatic Edition

The company OCRIM of Cremona is renowned all over the world as a reliable partner for the construction and supply of milling, feed, and cereal processing plants, and end-of-line plants. Its important commitment in research, customer care, training and communication has always been an incentive for innovative and productive teamwork.

OCRIM boasts two sites in the city of Cremona: The original headquarters in Via Massarotti, which houses offices and parts of its production factories, and the premises at the canal port for some important production and logistics departments, and also for the Milling Hub (created jointly with Bonifiche Ferraresi), which includes the new Milling Hub Masterclass school.

Turnkey projects are one of OCRIM’s strong points, supplied in tailor-made solutions, increasingly welcomed by international customers who decide to rely on a single partner who can guarantee a high professional level and respect programmed time. 

OCRIM is an irreplaceable partner also for the supply of machines only and in milling plant upgrade/modernization.

Since 2017, thanks to the OCRIM-FBC department, the company has also manufactured end-of-line plants for palletization and packaging of bags and other packing, supplied turnkey and personalized upon customer’s requirements. Since 2021, Fluting Hub – a new department for process and treatment of milling rollers has been open and where it will be possible to manage fluting, grinding and balancing stations as well as an innovative system for coating the rolls in titanium.

Hence, internalizing all processes and therefore completing the industrial chain, OCRIM can guarantee a traced, controlled, and certified Italian Made product.

OCRIM’s versatility and reliability are also evidenced by the strategic alliance, officially signed on in June 2021, with AGCO – global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology. 

Thanks to Cimbria’s and GSI’s expertise in material storage, processing and handling, AGCO and OCRIM aim to be the players of a constructive change, for a highly sustainable global food industry, by offering intelligent and innovative solutions from one single partner.

OCRIM’s versatility is also evidenced by an important agreement reached with Italian company Molitecnica Srl at the beginning of 2019, to build nixtamalized flour plants for tortilla, snacks and chips production. These products are mainly part of Central and Southern America’s food culture, but also highly appreciated and consumed all over the world. The best OCRIM process machines, which are highly renowned for their performances fully responding to the targets to hit, are installed in these plants.

OCRIM’s target is supplying its customers with long-lasting milling plants and efficient high-quality services. With this goal, innovative sanitization solutions have been introduced to reduce energy consumption and to minimize operating and maintenance costs.

As for maintenance strategies and management, OCRIM has developed the Modular Mill Concept, a truly innovative technology that enables stopping some parts of the grinding section, for any reason, while letting others run, thus granting certain output. The benefits deriving from that are clear and easily definable, since it is a solution already chosen and highly appreciated by many customers.

Also in the automation sector, OCRIM knows to be a direct reference and that is the reason why the company does not rely on external bodies to study and create plant management systems.

The general automation package @mill (which offers many application packets), the innovative @rollermills, which enables controlling the mills remotely via tablet, and the Immersive Reality and its resonance and important feedback all over the world, are futuristic systems created to improve and simplify the work activities of those who live the mill.

OCRIM’s Italian Made brand is synonymous with quality, design and accuracy, since it is evidence of the production and logistic process that is carried out in Italy only, based on research in quality and design, which are true conventions of Italian business culture. 

Grounding on Italian Made feeling and thanks to the partnership with Bonifiche Ferraresi, the biggest Italian agro-food business reality, OCRIM is acknowledged as a sound partner in The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice, a project strongly wanted and carried out by OCRIM and Bonifiche Ferraresi jointly with other renowned Italian companies. 

This ambitious project, connected with the food chain, has inspired the study and creation of Milling Hub, a company that aims at building and managing the different milling plants on OCRIM’s premises in Cremona canal port. The Milling Hub aims to strengthen Italian agri-food sector, giving the food industries without their own milling plant the chance of having a customized one and benefitting from OCRIM team’s technical and technological skills.

They will be granted a traced and certified product, thanks to accurate control by the agri-food chain, The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice. In addition to this, thanks to the great training experience, proved by the OCRIM International School of Milling Technology which has been training technicians and technologists since 1965, and in line with the Milling Hub project, the Milling Hub Masterclass has been created to give education a new vision.

Only a limited number of previously trained technicians, with a well-defined experience, can access the Masterclass in order to guarantee a high-degree training. 360° advanced training focusing on the knowledge of seeds, through cereal and pulses processing, to finished product sales.

On account of this corporate positive development, OCRIM’s R&D department has experimented such new strategies and state-of-the-art projects to be broadly acknowledged as unique in the milling sector and in full harmony with the novelties the company has been experiencing. The partnership between OCRIM and some Italian universities, whose contribution is crucial to get valuable results to gain benefits for the milling sector in general, continues and is increasingly efficacious.

OCRIM’s various communication instruments to convey its orientation have been greatly changed in such a way as to finetune the company’s language to the new trends. In fact, the company boasts considerable visibility through both national and international sector publications, via its LinkedIn profile, OCRIM S.p.A. | LinkedIn, and its three internet websites: the corporate website www.ocrim.com, one dedicated to the company’s museum www.ocrimcore.com, one dedicated to the blog www.ai-lati.it (in Italian) and www.ai-lati.eu (in English), strongly wanted by OCRIM as a real information provider for the entire The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice chain, and therefore for its member companies.

In addition to this, in 2020, the company’s media department was highly developed with the start of highly technical-scientifical Webinars into the milling world.

Customized machines for its customers, events such as “Wheat, flour and…” and the hospitality of hO – Home OCRIM, events and projects created to provide a close-up view of a company that is continuously and constantly evolving.