Milk Italy – Asiatic Edition

Milk Italy – Asiatic Edition

Milk Italy is specialized in plants to process milk and all its by-products. Milk Italy has been established after a strong thirty-year experience gained in some of the major dairy firms. 

Milk Italy produces complete units for processing the milk starting from Raw and/or Powder Milk. 

The company’s plants are mainly designed to produce: Pasteurised milk; UHT milk; Yoghurt; Laban; Cheese;  Cream & Iced Cream;  Powder milk plant; Butter & Margarine (from vegetable oil).

The company’s strength points are: High engineering level of the solutions proposed; Knowledge and experience in this industry; Quality of product offered; Customer care and Customer support; Excellent ratio quality/price.

Milk Italy follows the client from the beginning, in order to understand his specific needs and to propose its advise, until the start-up of the plant. Milk Italy can also provide warranty on site.

Milk Italy has production solutions from the small needs 150 lt./h up to 40.000 lt./h of milk.

Due to the similarity of the plants and the equipment, it also makes units for juices, ice-cream and units for eggs pasteurisation process.

The experience gained on many international markets has enabled the company to have remarkable knowledge of products and local dairy production techniques. In addition to this Central Europe markets, the company also operated very-well also in the following markets: East European Countries & Russia; Africa; Middle East; South America.

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