Marvil Engineering

Marvil Engineering

Marvil Engineering was founded in 2003 in South Tyrol (Bolzano-Italy) by technicians with decades of experience in the field of Controlled Atmosphere (C.A.) and it is recognized as an expert, reliable and innovative partner in food storage and many other applications.

Marvil’s history is made up of numerous plants, designed and installed in several countries around the world. Constant research in the C.A. sector has led to the achievement of extraordinary results in the field of storage.

Right from the start Marvil Engineering has research and development in its DNA, which is applied today in new storage technologies and plants.

The term “Controlled Atmosphere” defines the control and modification of atmospheric air, with mixtures of gases differently combined, within a properly sealed and equipped environment, the purpose of which is to directly (or indirectly) influence the products (or substances) inside the environment itself.

The Controlled Atmosphere is used for multiple purposes, such as:

  • Preservation
  • Maturation
  • Pest control
  • Fire prevention
  • Packaging
  • Storage

Fruit and vegetables to be healthy need maintaining their nutritional properties unaltered, and temperature is a crucial requirement to hit this goal.

For correct preservation in AC you need the following:

  • Gas-tight cold rooms with specific equipment
  • Adequate refrigeration systems
  • Gas analyzers
  • CO2 absorbers
  • Hydrogen generators
  • Ethylene scrubbers

Today, Marvil Engineering has more than 550 plants in Europe, South America and Asia, as well as in countries which are among the biggest fruit producers in the world. The plants operating with the most cutting-edge Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere technologies are more than 400.