Magic MP – Arabic Edition

Magic MP – Arabic Edition

The ME full electric series belongs to the company’s flagship products. For several years, it has been manufactured in a variety of models, with customers’ and processors’ support, on the basis of market requirements and developments.

The latest model, ME-L20/D-LS1300, is a long- or medium-long stroke machine. Here, as elsewhere, technology answers the specific needs of a big multinational customer active in the supply of bottles for cosmetics and personal hygiene market. The customer company has commissioned no less than seven machines of this type, five with 1300-mm stroke and two with 700-mm stroke.

Patented adjustable transfer and a closing system with eccentric arm pushing in the middle of the plates mean the two main strengths of this new model. What is more, it boasts all-electric technology, just like 90% of Magic’s production.

It is designed for any companies that need to produce large quantities of pieces.

Like all of Magic’s machines, it can be tailored to meet individual requirements. Nothing is standard, because Magic is a manufacturer, not just an assembler of pieces. Magic manufactures all of its machines in its two factories, located in Monza and Besana Brianza (MB). Hence the mechanical structure of its technologies is 100% Italian made.

All-electric technology

Magic built its first electrical machine back in 1997 – that is, long before this type of technology became widespread and popular. Since then Magic has manufactured approximately 70-80 machines per year, 90% of which are electrical. Magic was the first company to industrialize the product; it has kept committed to doing research and making gradual improvements in the machines. They started with small machines, and later switched to powerful technology with adjustable transfer with rack and pinion.

Electrical technology brings many benefits to customers. It is not just about reducing energy consumption; it can boast many competitive edges compared to oil dynamic blowing machines.

Electric energy is used intermittently – that is, only while moving -; whereas in an oil dynamic machine, with an equal number of cycles, the pumps work non-stop to maintain pressure in the system.

The philosophy of the electrical system with patented closing changes the concept of massive use of tonnage in standard oil dynamic machines. Based on perfectly parallel plates, electrical machines require low tonnage, even compared to that applied for safety reasons. The cycles controlled by electromechanical components ensure precise repeatability in time, thus translating into a higher return on the investment. What is more, they make the company cleaner and quieter.

ME L20/D LS1300: Specifications

Magic’s latest machine is available in two models and three versions, to cater to different production requirements. One is fitted with a 10-outlet head, with 10+10 blowing holes and a distance between centres of 120 cm; the other has an 8-outlet head, with 8+8 blowing holes and a distance between centres of 150 cm. 

It is not an existing machine that has been “adapted” or made electrical; it is a brand-new product for the market. These two models have joined the approximately 25 existing models of Magic’s blowing machines.

Download the PDF: Magic_Bev_2022