ICI Caldaie – Asiatic Edition

ICI Caldaie – Asiatic Edition

ICI CALDAIE: new technologies and alternative energy sources

ICI Caldaie is a company boasting more than 60 years of history and experience in energy management and heat production; it is a benchmark among the companies in the sector of industrial and heating process steam generators.

Thanks to its distinguishing innovative approach, it invests in research and development of projects that aim to create new energy efficient systems, exploring new technologies, and alternative energy sources. Among the latter, significant resources have been invested in research of discontinuous solutions (hydrogen and CO2 sequestering).

ICI Caldaie specializes in the design and production of complete high-tech thermal systems. It provides management systems to any solution in order to reduce consumptions while optimizing the functioning of both the boiler and the equipment connected to it. Thanks to its extensive experience, it can also offer high-quality services to meet any management and monitoring requirements. No matter the requirement, ICI Caldaie always finds the most suitable solution to its customer’s plant safety, its energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

ICI Caldaie has also developed a proprietary remote system to control the plants that is able to connect any boiler and equipment, right to the whole power plant, thus allowing the display of and intervention on any parameter of the plant, also remotely. 

ICI Caldaie boasts one-of-a-kind production capacity, thanks to its over 30,000 square metres’ indoor housing advanced equipment and machinery for standard production.

Steam boilers for the food industry

In its extensive experience, ICI Caldaie has developed specific products for food applications, integrated systems that can meet even the most demanding requirements, complete solutions tailored to specific features, all guaranteeing the highest efficiency and reliability.

Case Study

Company in Northern Italy.

The previous steam generation plant for industrial processes consisted in a diathermic oil boiler, already running for more than 25 years, and an evaporator. The yield of this plant levelled off about 88%.

The client has decided to strongly invest in the requalification of its heat power with a double goal: to reduce heat production costs, and to equip itself with a plant characterized by minimum emissions, well below the standard set by the strict norms regulating the sector, and chose devices and investment to maximize energy yield and reduce consumes.

Technology provided:

• N. 2 steam generators with capacity 8,000 Kg/h each, equipped with:

• First-stage economizer for feeding water pre-heating,

• Second-stage condensing economizer for pre-heating the washing water,

• Double-effect modulating feeding system to reduce electric consumption of feeding pumps and optimize the quantity of water into the generator,

• Integrated burner with inverter regulator, oxygen control and efficiency control,

• Water trap with heat recovery,

• Generator performance management (load divider) for yield maximization.

This plant has achieved many advantages

• Higher yield
• Lower emissions, levelled off 70 mg kW/h
• Higher reactivity, from 3 hours to 30’, time necessary to reach output peak
• Higher pickup capacity
• Better steam strength
• Lower preparation power
• Lower operation stress, thanks to the decision to lower the pressure from 10 to 6 bar

Real advantages

• Yield of the plant: +8%

Before = 88%

After: 96%

• Absorbed power: -90%

Before = 104 kW

After: 15 kW

• Unit cost of steam: -20%
• Cost saving: -21%
• Profit from white certificates: 15,000€/year

The customer’s feedback on ICI Caldaie

“ICI Caldaie has been a winning choice since it is a young and dynamic company, characterized by remarkable technical know-how in industrial field, great production capacity, customer assistance during design stage and total flexibility as regards production of non-standard generators, fully customized upon customer’s requirements.”

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