Frilli – Asiatic Edition

Frilli – Asiatic Edition


Frilli Srl is a company specializing in design, construction and supplies of distillation plants and/or complete distilleries, starting from any kind of raw material containing alcohol, sugar or starch for production of distillates, raw alcohol, extra neutral and absolute alcohol, with its own know-how, advanced technologies and experience developed worldwide.

The company, realizing more than 90% of its turnover abroad, is constantly and continuously growing, as world-trade appreciates its leading technical and technological skill. Reliability, honesty, an excellent quality/price ratio together with pre- and post-sales services are our strength and allow us to be always up to the situation, giving quick and qualified answers.


• By-products of wineries (pomace, lees, wine)

• Cane and beet molasses

• Cereals: corn, wheat, barley, rice

Other starchy substances: potatoes, cassava, chestnuts, etc.

• Other sugary substances: sorghum, grape, cane and beet juice

• Fruits: apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, plums

Exotic fruits: dates, bananas, pineapples, papaya, mango, etc.

• Soft fruits

• Aromatic herbs, seeds and berries


In recent years, the company has been operating with great success in the field of Whisky and Gin, by designing, manufacturing and supplying both continuous plants with columns and discontinuous pot stills with traditional onion shape (in Scotland and Ireland).

We have realized pot stills in copper from 0,5 up to 18 m³ of working capacity for our Scottish and Irish customers.