Fic – Arabic Edition

Fic – Arabic Edition

Chilled water cooling – is it the right system for you?

With more than 70 years of innovation and a strong presence on international markets, FIC is the perfect partner when ice water is used in a cooling process.

Water is considered the safest cooling media in the food industry and the possibility to take advantage of its PCM properties (phase-changing material), makes it more convenient than ever, especially with rising energy bills.

FIC can offer a complete range of ice banks, from small compact sizes to container size.

FIC ice banks

With FIC ice banks you can reduce your peak power load. Because ice is built up overnight, you may be able to take advantage of off-peak power rates. The advantage is even bigger if you consider it vital to have a cold energy reservoir during blackout times. 

FIC offers a complete range from 45 kWh to 2500 kWh.

All FIC equipment is carefully tested with different methods to guarantee extended functionality and the customers’ success. 

FIC falling film chillers

For mega farms, dairies, industrial bakeries and large plants running 24/7, FIC can supply ice water solutions for instant cooling down to 0.5°C. 

This technology is widely used in some of the most innovative dairies, thanks to its consistency and scalability. This system is very compact and can be adopted when the available space is limited.

In this case, FIC can propose a fully customized range of falling film chillers. The number of plates and modules can be increased according to the customers demand, to meet actual and future flexibility requirements.

RED plate banks for instant cooling 

In some applications and industries, plate banks are popular for their flexibility and outstanding performances. FIC has it all: From compact machines (10 kW) up to 1500 kW, used in dairies, industrial bakeries, ice cream and breweries.

RED for large installations

All FIC products are available for different refrigerants, to meet the highest standards and different local regulations.

Feel free to contact FIC and become the promoter of advanced cooling technologies in your Country!

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