ALTECH – Eastern Europe Edition

ALTECH – Eastern Europe Edition

ALTECH is one of the major European producers of self-adhesive label applicators for product decoration, coding and identification.

Today, the company distributes its systems all over the Italian territory through a network of direct sales, while the commercial distribution for Europe and overseas takes place in more than 50 countries through a network of 80 qualified resellers and 3 subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom, the United States and South America.

Its range encompasses the following products:

ALstep – low-cost applicator featuring modular and flexible configuration.

ALritma – high-performance label applicator, which can be easily integrated in packaging lines. It is also available with thermal transfer printing group in the ALritmaT version, for print/apply applications.

ALcode – real-time print-apply systems which apply labels immediately after printing, in any position, on both stationary and moving products (even at high speeds).

A specific pallet labelling version, ALcode P, is able to print and apply A5 format labels on two consecutive sides of a pallet (normally front and side, per EAN 128, or even three sides on request).

ALbelt – simplified linear system which is open, compact, and particularly economical. It can be configured for wraparound, c-wrap, top, bottom, top and bottom, top and side labelling of various products, cylindrical or flat. It’s ideal for labelling cases, boxes, trays, jars and cans.

Its simple and solid main structure houses a conveyor and one or more labelling heads (choice of ALstep, ALritma or ALcode model).

ALline – complex linear system able to apply self-adhesive labels to a wide range of product shapes, constructed with the most reliable materials and components on the market to offer the highest levels of performance and production.

The modular design incorporates ALstep and/or ALritma heads and can be configured on the basis of customer requirements, allowing application of labels of any shape and size for front/back or wrap-around labelling and seal application to food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

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