TREESSE Progetti – Asiatic&Pacific Edition 2020

TREESSE Progetti – Asiatic&Pacific Edition 2020

TREESSE Progetti was born in 1986 as a software company for automation systems for production processes. After thirty years on the market, it has become a leading company in automation engineering at the industrial process field and offers a very high-quality standard for its services and products.

By continuous development of new systems and collaborations with Italian and international companies, Treesse Progetti has developed a specific know-how for technical process of production. Company’s mission is to increase the productivity of its clients and improve the efficiency of their processes.

TREESSE Progetti success is based on the wealth of experience acquired through the years of activity in process automation.

TREESSE Progetti in the food sector

In the food field, TREESSE Progetti provides all its extensive engineering knowledge in numerous different fields: coffee, seed oil, bakery products, granular stock and pasta are just a few of the products whose production uses TREESSE Progetti automation.

The technological solutions in these fields are extremely diverse: from redundant PLC combined with control rooms with client/server architecture, to systems managed by cutting edge operator panels and concentrated logic interfaced with outsider SCADA systems.

Constant upgrading of the PID regulation, motion control, data communications technologies enables TREESSE Progetti to successfully handle all the different sorts of problems.

Main strengths

A pool of technicians and engineers constantly looking for new techniques and technologies aimed at improving performance, cost control and environmental protection;

First-rate customers including several international companies of great fame and reputation;

Constant collaboration with influential partners who support the company in order to fully satisfy the needs of its customers;

High quality standard methods at multinational level

Tailor-made solutions on worldwide platforms

Continuous flow of information, site management

Cutting-edge technological solutions

Preventive expert consulting

Machine downtime reduction

Remote control

Lifetime software warranty

Specialisation in complex plants

Delivery of documented software (source)

Well-finished plants which are functional to the operational staff on duty


Customer specifications are examined and discussed in detail in order to design a system that meets all requests with high technological content, maximizes effectiveness and selects the products that best suited the needs of the project.

The technical office offers the following solutions

Electrical projects

Automation projects

Dedicate electronic boards

Projects for business networks

Software solutions

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

Supply chain solutions

Lean production solutions.

Project Fulfilment

After the issues study and the feasibility analysis follows the design of the automated software system based on SCADA and PLC languages.

Providing plants and integrated support systems

TREESSE Progetti employs leading companies in the construction of production facilities in order to offer its customers complete solutions from every point of view, ensuring the coordination of the entire supply process both logistically and technologically.


TREESSE Progetti technicians will be on hand for the commissioning of the system to ensure a proper mode of operation.


TREESSE Progetti provides the extensive experience of its technicians to operators in the industry. Training initiatives are organized to offer a valuable service to analyse matters pertaining to automation and control systems. In addition to the traditional courses that you can find in the catalogue, TREESSE Progetti also organizes training courses tailored to specific needs and requests.

After sales service 24/7

Specific technical assistance contracts guarantee client companies “first aid” to solve any breakdowns or faults in their automation systems as quickly as possible. TREESSE Progetti stipulates precise contracts that define the coverage and times for its actions.

This type of service also offers other advantages, such as:

Scheduled maintenance of the automation systems

Software backup and archiving service

Updating the documents and electric projects

A spare parts supply service is also available.

TREESSE Progetti in Indonesia

PT TREESSE Progetti Indonesia was born in Jakarta in 2017. Technicians, supported by local staff, will have the objective of creating new state-of-the-art systems and supporting Italian companies that decide to export, or which already export, to Southeast Asia. The offices are located within the Talavera Office Park, Unit 7, 10Th Floor, J.L. T.B. Simatupang Kav 22.26 12430 in Jakarta.

Over the years TREESSE Progetti has recorded great successes where a high level of automation and control is required, ranging in different sectors: from the beverage and food industry to the chemical and energy industry.

You can contact the Jakarta office at the following addresses:

Phone: +62 (21) 22 702385

Fax: +62 (21) 22 702221