Tekno Stamap – Asiatic&Pacific Edition 2020

Tekno Stamap – Asiatic&Pacific Edition 2020

One of Tekno Stamap’s most recent creations is dividing arm mixer, featuring futuristic albeit functional design. It is ideal for soft dought such as panettone, pandoro and focaccias, in which yeasts need correct areation.

This mixer has been created from scratch keeping in mind the problems that traditionally affect this kind of machinery, to eliminate them all.

Tekno Stamap dividing arm mixer features peculiarities that make it exceptionally versatile and suitable for diferent kinds of high-hydration leavened dough, as follows:

• Possibility to vary 30 to 80 beat/min with speed variator,

• Digital touch screen,

• Possibility of storing up to 3 different work cycles, with different processing times,

• The arms always stop in the upper position, which makes it easier for the operator to empty the bowl,

• The design of stainless steel tools has been purposely studied to take up to 2 Kg flour minimum, and therefore for small dough, and to oxigenate the dough conveniently,

• Extended life of mechanics and machine in general, thanks to cast head with oil bath gears.

Tablette is Tekno Stamap new sheeter, aptly named to evoke compactness and practicality, the two main features of this machine. In fact, Tablette is the smallest of the line. The company has wanted to create a sheeter for small rooms, very user-friendly and easy to store. Its hergonomics allows the operator to open it and re-close it after use, and store it in narrow spaces, thus optimizing the work area.

The concept is compact design. The machine, ideal for restaurants and hotel where chefs and bakers need working at their best, can be replaced in the storage room after use.

The joystick which enables to move rightwards and leftwards the pasta sheet grants process agility and handiness with 5 to kg pasta. Cylinderes of 50 mm diameter help to speed up the lamination process. Simple mechanics and electronics, Italian quality and EC certified, offer high reliability over time.

Engaging and Italian design make this machine suitable also for luxury and prestigious work environments. Tablette is guarantee of success to both users and dealers, for its uniqueness and excellent quality/price ratio.