Tecno Pack, IFP Packaging, General System Pack – Asiatic edition

Tecno Pack, IFP Packaging, General System Pack – Asiatic edition

Tecno Pack means technology, experience, service in flow and pillow-pack packaging, primary and secondary.

Market leader Tecno Pack provides all the technology your company needs: from small electronic packaging machines with manual loading, right to complete plants.

Skilled trade team, experienced technical department, in-house production of mechanic parts, accurate material selection, excellent production team and after-sales assistance for the world over, enable Tecno Pack to propose machines and plants that are thought as “tailored suit” and broadly recognized as cutting-edge technology by Gruppo Barilla, Nestlé, Pavesi, Kraft, Baxter, Chipita, PepciCo, to name some but a few.

Speed, flexibility, modified atmosphere, shelf life, integration of the packaging into the corporate system, are the issues that Tecno Pack deals with enthusiastically every day and that gives it new evolution leaf of live.

IFP Packaging is a sound benchmark in heat-shrink film wrapping technology. At the end of 2011, it became part of Tecno Pack SpA group, thus beginning a new course of greater technological, commercial and industrial development.

Electronic continuous wrapping machines built on fully cantilever structures, and high performance, high reliability, sanitization, versatility and customization are just some assets of IFP Packaging’s offer.

Automatic loading systems, bundling machines of any size, complete end of line systems are fully customized by the company’s skillful and versatile technical department. Adjusting the state-of-the-art technology upon customer’s peculiar requirements is IFP Packaging’s main goal. Moreover, the company also proposes the market its sturdy and versatile wrapping machines, standard built, for a quite interesting quality-price ratio.

General System Pack continues evolving and implementing its range of machines and automation flow-pack dedicated.

30 years of continuous development have turned this company into a world leader able to study, produce and install machines from horizontal single flow-pack packaging to fully electronic machines and complete packaging lines for any kind of product.

General System Pack introduces its GSP 50 EVO model to package a broad range of products thanks to full control of brushless motors and reduce time for change of format down to the minimum.

High speed, controlled atmosphere, full automation of the entire primary, secondary and end-of-line cycles are carried out ordinarily by applying the highest state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic technology.