Smi – Asiatic Edition 2017

Smi – Asiatic Edition 2017

logo_smiSMI: 30 years connected to the marketplace

In 2017, SMI has celebrated its 30th anniversary. That is a crucial goal that the company would like to share with all the stakeholders who contributed to it.

Since the very beginning, SMI’s path to success has been characterized by countless challenges and innovative ideas which have made the history of packaging and have turned the company into a reference point for many businesses of the food & beverage, dairy and detergents sectors. The bottling and packaging machines manufactured by SMI are increasingly more inspired to the principles of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for totally automated production systems.

SMI’s latest technical developments are marked by “the new age of bottling” and “the new age of packaging” concepts and by the launch of the new ERGON series of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging machines satisfying production requirements up to 33,600 bottle/hour. Moreover, SMI offers today cutting-edge technologies for both the supervision and automation of bottling lines, the monitoring of production cycles, data collection and a more efficient and environment-friendly industrial process management.

The constant innovation is the driving force of SMI products’ success enabling to design, manufacture and offer to thousands of clients worldwide state-of-the-art machines and systems capable of adapting easily and efficiently to the requirements of an ever growing marketplace.

With over 6,000 machines delivered all over the world, SMI boasts a long experience in the packaging sector and offers many different solutions to satisfy the wide range of needs of every type of client.

SMI and the importance of R&D investmentssmipal_packbloc_aps3100_01

Investments in advanced technology and breakthrough innovation are the main driving force for the success of SMI in the world.

In order to maintain and further develop its technical expertise, SMI annually invests a significant share of its turnover in Research & Development projects. In almost 30 years, those foregoing investments have enabled SMI to market a wide array of innovative bottling and packaging machines as the new LSK, CSK and SK ERGON series of automatic shrink wrappers enable to package a large range of containers in shrink film only, cardboard flat pad + shrink film, corrugated cardboard tray + shrink film or corrugated cardboard tray only. Recently, a new series has been launched: the new AFW ERGON series of compact shrink wrappers with 90° configuration product in-feed, especially suitable for the packaging of square- or rectangular-based containers/packs.

All packers of the LSK, CSK, SK and AFW series have capitalised on the many different innovations introduced by the ERGON platform, such as an ergonomic machine design, slightly rounded sliding doors, motors mounted on the machine’s external edges, easy access for maintenance interventions.

SMI’s new secondary packaging machines are equipped almost exclusively with brush-less motors whereas traditional motors are installed only on the shrink tunnel and on the cardboard climb; this solution ensures higher efficiency and precision of movements and low energy consumption.

Furthermore, the ERGON packers are equipped with a POSYC control panel incorporating a user-friendly man-machine interface with touchscreen display and advanced functions of diagnostics and real-time technical support.

The new shrink tunnels boast cutting-edge technical solutions ensuring energy savings, top environmental compatibility of production processes and high quality of the pack manufactured. At the shrink tunnel outlet, a conveyor connects the tunnel belt to the conveyor system of the production line, ensuring a proper thermal transition of the pack thanks to a ventilation device.

Complete solutions for every bottling & packaging need

SMI designs and manufactures complete bottling & packaging systems, chiefly destined to the food & beverage industry, but also for the detergent, personal hygiene and chemical/ pharmaceutical product sectors.

The turn-key lines proposed by SMI are the ideal solution for output needs from 3,600 to 33,600 bottles per hour also requiring high efficiency, broad operating flexibility, low energy consumption and a good quality/price ratio and are suitable for any need, based on the innovative principles of Industry 4.0 for the realization of the so called “intelligent factory”.

The range of turnkey systems proposed by SMI includes cost-saving and compact lines as well as full optional and complex solutions, with a wide array of intermediate products that can satisfy customers’ current and future requirements in terms of output rate, product to be packaged, process automation and facility size.

When SMI technicians design new projects, they gather the most recent technology available within the industrial automation sector, so they can intensify integration between the working, management and control systems of the numerous “intelligent” devices that work on the production line.

Among the automation and control solutions for the production line, SMI has developed SWM supervisor. SWM Supervisor is based on an open and flexible modular enterprise web portal, that fits any application environment. SMI customers can use this innovative system to easily identify the main causes of “downtime” on their bottling/packaging lines, achieve greater overall efficiency and reduce the time required for system maintenance and format changes.

New blow-moulder EBS K ERGON: SMI solution devoted to Industry 4.0

At Interpack 2017, SMI exhibited the world premiere of the new compact blow-moulder EBS K ERGON in ECOBLOC® version as well as an electronic volumetric filler. A new important step in the “new age of bottling” focused on Industry 4.0.

Since 1987, SMI has been developing cutting-edge projects and technologies, in order to offer turn-key bottling lines and flexible, ergonomic, efficient packaging machines, increasingly inspired by the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT).

Based on the technical innovations of the stretch blow-moulders of the EBS ERGON series (Electronic Blowing System), SMI engineers have developed a new series of very compact rotary machines, called EBS K ERGON (“K” refers to the German word “Kompakt”), suitable for outputs up to 8.800 bottle/hour. The new models, available in 2-, 3- and 4-cavity versions, offer all advantages of the rotary technology, with an output range traditionally controlled by linear blow-moulders (from 3-4.000 to 8-9.000 bottle/hour); thanks to the state-of-the-art solutions, the EBS K ERGON series can produce PET containers up to 3 litres with a maximum output of 2200 bottle/hour per cavity for the 0,5-liter format.

A market-oriented and flexible organization

In a global market where competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, the possibility to guarantee a “next door” service is for SMI a key factor to effectively and successfully support customers wherever they are. Thus, over the years SMI has set up a widespread network of branches and representative offices in order to extend the service to the widest number of clients.

In the Asian continent, SMI operates through two wholly-owned subsidiary companies: SMI Asia Services Sdn Bhd based in Malaysia and SMI Machinery Beijing Co. Ltd based in China (with offices in Beijing, Nanjing and Guangzhou). Local staff’s expertise and know-how ensure an accurate and qualified support to Asian customers.