Re Pietro – Asiatic Edition

Re Pietro – Asiatic Edition

Italian artisan tradition at the service of the food industry

Re Pietro srl has been in the agro-food industry with cereal processing machines for over 80 years.

In the last 20 years, Re Pietro has used its knowledge and experience to broaden its product range by introducing machines and plants for the production of puffed cereal cakes and non-fried snacks.

The request of puffed cereal cakes as well as non-fried snacks is constantly growing on the global market, as they are tasty but very healthy food thanks to the absence of fat and for not being fried.

Suitable for people of any age, they also satisfy the increasing demand of special food requirements particularly for gluten free and vegan dietary restrictions, often due to allergies and intolerances.

The know-how acquired in this field enables the company to create complete production and packaging lines on specific customer’s demand by providing support both in the design phase, as well as in the process and product development phase. 

Besides, thanks to well established partnerships, Re Pietro can also supply you with professional flavouring lines and systems, ranging from snacks to puffed cakes, sweet products as well as pet-food, covering all type of production needs.  

Re Pietro manufactures its machines entirely in Italy with meticulous attention to details and components. In fact: 

– all the hydraulic and pneumatic components are of prime quality such as Bosch-Rexroth and SMC brands; 

– the cakes and snacks moulds are built in tempered steel coated with titanium nitride, in order to grant a long life and avoid the sticking of the product on the surface during the production phases; 

– all the machine parts which get in contact with cereals/pellets and/or with the final product are built with materials that are certified suitable for the processing of food as per EC Reg. 1935/2004; 

– the upper and lower moulds heating is carried out with high density cartridge heathers and the temperature is separately controlled with 2 OMRON thermoregulators; 

– each single machine is managed by its own PLC interfacing to a touch-screen control panel, from which you can set up all the production stages, save the recipes and check the anomalies thanks to an effective diagnostic system.

The customers can rely on an excellent and fast spare parts service as well as after-sales service both on the customer’s site and/or through “on-line” technical support, thanks to the modern communication technologies. 

Rely with confidence on Re Pietro Srl for your projects, they will be happy to support you with their experience.