Pizeta – Americas Edition 2018

Pizeta – Americas Edition 2018

Pizeta designs and builds storage and handling plants for raw materials, finished food and non-food products, such as dry pasta, pet-food, cereals, couscous, wood pellets and so on.

Whether it is an individual machine or a complete turnkey plant, the company equally proves its longstanding experience and its extraordinary inclination towards innovation, supported by a very efficient after-sales customer service.

All projects are strictly tailor-made, transforming all their client’s desires into highly functional projects. By using all the most modern designing technologies, such as 3D rendering, the company can guarantee top quality and long-lasting products, always aligned to the latest technological developments. This is the key to a true excellence, seen not as a static point of arrival, but a continuous effort towards an everlasting improvement.

Thanks to this strictly client oriented strategy, Pizeta has become throughout the years the partner of some of the world’s leading companies in this industry.

In the last decade Pizeta introduced in the food industry market a number of storage and product management solutions, distinctive for innovation and reliability.

“Our production range consists of two main product lines: on one side equipment for storage of food raw materials such as flour, semolina, starch and flakes, which includes feeding to the production lines; on the other side equipment for the storage of final products such as dry pasta. The design and construction of our equipment are entirely managed in-house, from the know-how to the Quality Assurance System” explains the Chief Executive Officer, Pietro Zanetti.

Pizeta develops each projects in collaboration with the individual customer, providing coaching and support from the layout of the construction and electrical diagrams to the training for the use of the PLC system: a simple and intuitive graphical dashboard that allows the customers operators full control and monitoring capabilities on the system.

Pizeta workshops are equipped with the latest tools and machinery to guarantee a high quality product within the most modern technology. All Pizeta equipments are entirely designed and produced in Italy. The great reliability of Pizeta solutions also means a short Return of Investment period for the clients and then high profitability of the amortised investment.

On account of its international size, Pizeta supplies its customers with equipment compliant with ATEX standards and with the Directives against the risk of explosion in flour storage. The respect of these standards guarantees a better environmental impact and an extremely low percentage of powders in the air, within the international standards, assuring a room without powder nor flour deposits. This means a better hygiene and cleanliness in the flour storing room.

In the short-cut pasta storage line, Pizeta manufactures also silos in stainless steel AISI 304 in order to satisfy even the more demanding customer.

The application of storing and handling systems vary a lot: cous cous, coffee, pet-food, food and plastic pellets, nuts and bolts, small parts in general to mention the most common.

The assertive and dynamic management in Pizeta, in conjunction with almost half a century of experience, made the company’s name recognised internationally for its complete range of solution for transport, dosing, cleaning, recycle and storage of various kind of products, all characterised by world class quality and technology, yet easy to use.

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