OMBF – Asiatic Edition

OMBF – Asiatic Edition

Familiar atmosphere, global attitude

Familiar spirit and high levels of specialization are the concepts on which OMBF bases its work. Established in 1998 in Canelli (Asti) thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the brothers Bene, OMBF could improve year after year its experience in the supply of machines for the oenological branch, by using extremely flexible and simplified mechanical technologies. The constant research of innovation and cutting-edge solutions is the fil rouge leitmotif of the story of the company, a constant feature the brothers Angelo and Giuseppe Bene passed on to the second generation who entered the business.

This peculiar feature enabled designing and manufacturing the first 4.0 machines, with characteristic that offer the operator a totally automated and interlocked production. But the wide offer of OMBF includes solutions able to meet all bottling needs – corking, capping, and wire- hooding – with stand-alone equipment, monoblock and triblock machines (in automatic and semi-automatic versions) for wineries that produce from 300 up to 7000 bottles/hour. Besides specific machines for the processing of sparkling wines with classical method and the bottling of beer, the range of products includes also packaging machines, to add further elements to the “turnkey” lines, completed with their accessories. OMBF offers products, but does not limit to products, it is characterised by the great passion increased during the 20 years’ experience of its founders, the deep knowledge of the sector and the continuous research that led to a growth aimed at meeting the requests of an international market in continuous evolution.

The range of OMBF includes:

Stand-alone machines such as corkers, wire-hooding machines, universal capsuling mono-blocks (picture 1) suitable for any type of capsules and uncorking machines for straight corks. The various models are designed for the insertion in a bottling line.

Complete line for champagne method composed by riddling machines, disgorging monoblocks, corkers, wire-hooders and liqueur mixers.

The new OMBF isobaric line for small to medium enterprises that want to equip themselves for the rinsing, filling and the different closures for bottles (picture 2), cans and kegs (picture 3). 

All of OMBF machines are available in both versions: automatic and semiautomatic.

Services | support at 360°

The flexible and multitasking approach of OMBF is aimed at offering its customers a complete service starting from the careful advice during the stage before the purchase, to find the most suitable equipment for the most diverse needs, until designing customized machines. The mechanics and the internal movements are simplified to ensure easy maintenance and use.  Besides ensuring a long life of the machines, the materials and components used (304 and 316 stainless steel, steel alloys, alimentary graded plastic materials, high quality mechanical and electrical components) are chosen to meet the highest international standards. The know-how of the company, acquired in many decades, is put at disposal of the customers also at the stages of installation, starting up of the production system, for the whole period of warranty and later on, for a complete after-sales service.