Ocrim – Asiatic & Pacific Edition 2019

Ocrim – Asiatic & Pacific Edition 2019

OCRIM has been supplying its service all over the world since 1945. It specializes in milling plants, feed mills and general cereals processing. In addition, the company invests heavily in research, training, customer services and communications sector.

OCRIM has two sites in the city of Cremona: the original headquarters in Via Massarotti for offices and part of its production factories, and the premises at the canal port which houses production and logistics departments.

From the outset, OCRIM has specialized in turnkey projects, and that is why its clients regard the company as an expert and reliable partner. The company therefore offers an overall management of the entire process.

Thanks to its extensive experience, OCRIM is an irreplaceable partner also in the supply of machines and in milling plants modernization/upgrade. It guarantees important engineering and technical support thanks to a highly experienced team that is able to satisfy each customer’s needs.

OCRIM’s versatility is evidenced by an important agreement reached with Italian company Molitecnica Srl at the beginning of 2019, to build nixtamalized flour plants for tortilla, snacks and chips production. These products are mainly part of Central and Southern America’s food culture, but also highly appreciated and consumed all over the world. OCRIM has chosen Molitecnica as its partner because it has been the first in Italy to specialize in nixtamalized flour plants, and in general in “alternative” flour. The best OCRIM process machines, which are highly renowned for their performances fully responding to the targets to hit, are installed in these plants.

OCRIM’s aim is to supply its clients with long-lasting milling plants and efficient high-quality services. With this goal, innovative solutions have been introduced to reduce energy consumption and to minimize operating and maintenance costs.

Automation is a crucial factor in a plant that guarantees maximum performances in terms of yield, hence technological innovation in this area is nearly an everyday issue.

OCRIM’s Italian Made brand proves the production and logistic process that takes place exclusively within the company, which believes wholeheartedly in Italian Made quality, based on research in quality and design, which constitute true conventions of Italian business culture. The partnership between the futuristic approach of the engineers and the expertise of the workers provides the winning key for creating excellent, high-quality products to meet the demands of the milling sector market.

In line with the Italian Made approach, since 2015 OCRIM has been following a course that has enabled its being fundamental part of the food chain: the partnership with Bonifiche Ferraresi S.p.A., the biggest Italian agriculture society, has made OCRIM a true reference point of the entire production chain.

Thanks to this important agreement, in 2017 it was founded The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice, the Italian chain that includes also other well-known companies, each one bringing its own experience and know-how.

The goal of this important choice has been proposing themselves as partners that work thoroughly, fully aware of the importance of cultivation, control and the raw material – wheat – that will be processed by OCRIM machines, before reaching consumers’ tables as pasta and bakery products.

And also, many initiatives have been started as to implement the training aspect and extend it right to the chain project: the avant-garde campus, in Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara – Italy), dedicated to high-level training, international conferences and events, organized with the aim of popularising, creating rapport, providing information and training, especially on agri-food-related themes and the use of advanced technology within the sector, with the presence and the intellectual contribution of the economic and political world.

OCRIM has always believed that investing in Research & Development would be crucial to become a benchmark in the milling sector in terms of quality and expertise. Quality and innovation are the OCRIM projects’ main values. In fact, its R&D department experiments and carries out such advanced projects as to be renowned as unique in the milling sector.

An added value derives from the partnership between OCRIM and some Italian universities, whose contribution is highly important to get benefits to the milling sector in general. OCRIM’s International School of Milling Technology was founded in 1965 and it has been considered one of the company’s flagships: it is renowned internationally and organizes training courses for the milling sector, run by the OCRIM staff (project manager, chemists, technologists, head millers, engineers and technicians), but also with the collaboration of lecturers and experts from the American headquarters of IAOM (International Association of Operative Millers).

Theoretical courses are combined with practical experience, thanks to a mill – in the school – with capacity of 24 T/D and a well-equipped laboratory.

OCRIM uses various communication instruments to convey its orientation. The company benefits from considerable visibility, both through national and international publications of the sector and via its three Internet websites: the newly updated corporate website www.ocrim.com; one dedicated to the blog www.ai-lati.it (Italian language) and www.ai-lati.eu (English language), strongly wanted by OCRIM as a real provided of information on the agri-food chain and member companies.

In addition to this, customized machines for the clients, events such as GRANO, FARINA E…, (WHEAT, FLOUR AND…) the “OCRIM CORE” museum, are projects created with the aim of giving the public a close-up view of a company whose production processes take place entirely in-house.

Through these strategies and methods, OCRIM highlights and recounts its approach, since it is an inherent part to the company’s mentality and culture.