Millennium Engineering – Asiatic Edition 2020/2021

Millennium Engineering – Asiatic Edition 2020/2021

ME Food Solutions is a registered trademark of Millennium Engineering Srl, company with 25 years of history, founded by Eng. Luca Piore back in 1995; since then, the company has been operating in the province of Padua – Northern Italy – in the food processing industrial plants (pasteurizing, leavening, cooling, deep-freezing/blasting), always looking at innovations.

ME Food Solutions turns its customers into partners by meeting their specific requirements, thanks to highly flexible transport solutions, remarkably high reliability, unrivalled hygienic design, and remote assistance via web portal 7 days a week, to which all plants produced are connected. All that is essential for anyone wanting to make its company a benchmark in the world of food production.

With these key concepts, ME Food Solutions has recently acquired an important project that will guarantee production capacity of 5000 Kg/h of bakery frozen products (bread). This project is an important challenge against time and ME Food Solutions will create a group of cooling and deep-freezing spirals interconnected by a product transport and aligning system.

This result will be possible thanks to a complex glycol solution cooling and deep-freezing group for refrigeration capacity of 1.36Mw.

The use of CO2 as a refrigerating gas results from the synergetic work of ME Food Solutions technicians and a Dutch company leader is special air-evaporators. ME Food Solutions’ vision of the future enables it to offer its partners the chance to produce in full respect of the environment whilst developing their activities in a green vision perspective, today’s topic.

The requirement of full operativity of the lines in early Autumn 2020 has been fundamental to choose ME Food Solutions. This requires continuous and careful production planning, regularly monitored and adapted to the development of this order also in accordance with the other operators and suppliers on site.

The project – previewed here in rendering – is part of a significant investment of the Serbian company DON DON Doo of Novi Sad, which is one of the best organized bakers and confectioners of the Balkans, with facilities in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

To check the quality of ME Food Solutions plants, this customer had previously installed a pilot system consisting of a cooling spiral, transfer belts and a set of conveyor belts. Then, the equipment underwent long and uninterrupted work cycles.

This pilot project runs near Ljubjana, in Slovenia, where stuffed pastry products are coated with much sugar, jam, chocolate and cream. It follows that it may be rather difficult for the sliding parts of the machine and the mechanics of the components to operate smoothly just on account of the peculiar texture of these ingredients.

The test was passed with flying colours after about 10,000 hours of continuous production, in 2 years. What strengthens the partnership between ME Food Solutions and DON DON is also careful and timely maintenance planning, scheduled during the acquisition phase of the contract and that will guarantee uninterrupted service for 11 month/year, as well as production 24/7.

ME Food Solutions grants maximum guarantee thanks to its team of specialized technicians and online web portal. This service enables immediately monitoring all plants installed through remote assistance, 7 days a week.

In the vision of developing new technologies aiming to strengthen the reliability of its machines, ME Food Solutions carefully selects its components suppliers among the world’s leading companies renowned for their absolute reliability and innovative capacity.

In terms of continuous innovation, today, ME Food Technologies boasts new technology, already tested for long time, to be introduced in the spirals of this project. Such solution will guarantee the system further performances, especially in freezing cells where temperature reaches -40°C and puts some strain on the sliding parts and mechanical components, while improving hygienic design even further, as it is inherent part to the company’s philosophy. In fact, all ME Food Solutions plants are oil-free, meaning that they do not need oiling plants for belt sliding, a feature that stands out as unique in the market.

Hence, the new oil-free solution fully eliminating all accumulation zones guarantees the highest hygienic design performance, which are today essential to a food production company that complies with the top production standards of global market.

In conclusion, coherently with high-quality style, ME Food Solutions has decided to always test its machines by assembling and starting them up on site, and to give the customers the possibility of controlling each step of the work progress. This rigorous method avoids misunderstanding, accidents, rough adjustments on the customer’s premises. Moreover, it also enables dramatically reducing installation time in customer’s production areas, today in increasingly hygienically protected and with fixed work cycles.