LCZ – Asiatic Edition

LCZ – Asiatic Edition

Since 1971, LCZ has been proposing fire-tube steam boiler with high performance for current needs.

Welcome to LCZ, dedicated to design, manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance of industrial boilers for standard and special applications since 1971: plug in solutions, package solutions, site erected plants.

Over the years, LCZ has been able to adapt the proposal to market evolutions, thanks to constant and continuous improvement, regarding the product as well as the fabrication processes, without forgetting the hallmark: careful analysis of customer’s requirements by its technical department aimed at drawing up the most focused, customized and detailed answer.

A manufacturing system, organized in two manufacture plants both in Italy and one of these with a covered area of more than 40.000sqm, is well-characterized by automated welding processes, non-destructive tests (X-rays-L.P.), a home production of the furnaces FOX (corrugated) all supported by management using software as SAP ERP. These are some evidences of capacity and productive process that allow LCZ to be one of the best manufacturers of boilers worldwide. Its internal technical department provides process and mechanical design in compliance to PED, TS-TR and ISO 9001 certifications; according to European standards.

One of the products, pride of the company, is the fire tube steam boiler model “CS” completely “Made in Italy”. This boiler is characterized by:

Three effective smoke turns,


Wet bottom,

Furnace FOX model,

Steam production from 350kg/h up to 25Ton/h (higher on demand),

Pressure up to 20bar (higher on demand),

Steam water ratio 98% (higher on demand),

Efficiency up to 96% with economizer (up to 105% in several applications),

Available to use gaseous and liquid fuels,

Superheated steam on demand.

The fields of application of this type of boiler could be food and beverage (main focus on canning and milk companies), pharmaceutical, tyre, tobacco, gas&oil, etc.

The main advantages of the fire-boiler LCZ mod. “CS” are:

High-efficiency reducing consumption,

Long lifetime,

Steam high-quality fulfilling sudden demands of steam,

Low Nox emission.

LCZ boiler model “CS” can be configured with efficiency up to 96% (in specific application up to 105%) and for operating without continuous supervision up to 72 hours and/or with a global control system of the plant or the whole boiler room by a PLC or a multichannel electronic control device.

In one of the most important companies of Italy’s canning industry, with the aim of extending the supply to the whole site, LCZ has provided its best technologically advanced configuration plant able to grant the minimum impact on running expenses, by reducing power, gas and water  consumption down to the minimum.

Steam boiler CS12000 for steam production of 20 t/h and 15 bar, is characterized by yield up to 96%; it is managed by an automatic control system that enables the plant to run safely as long as 72 hours without requiring constant supervision of operators. 

LCZ carried out in house engineering and manufacture of the boiler, and steam distribution collector; moreover, it also supplied boiler water treatment, as follows:

inverse osmosis plant to produce 10mc/h of osmotized water

pressurized thermophysic degasser

LCZ also provides its customers with customized solutions to help them exploit process and combustion residual heat as much as possible, by building condensation water recovery systems, pre-heating system for edible water, chimney heat recovery for process water production.

The system enables to get efficiency up to 105%, granting the optimization of temperature of flues into the atmosphere and producing saturated steam and hot water to be used in the process.

LCZ also acts on steam plants and boilers already in use, examining the possibility of operating interventions that improve overall system performances, reducing emissions and consumption.

In addition to energy audit, the technicians also analyze the operation parameters of the plant to work out a proposal of interventions to get significant:

Fuel saving;

Energy saving;

CO2 emission reduction;

Covering of investments on White Certificates.

LCZ’s commitment extends to the management of processing waters, for which it provides water treatment turnkey plants: from process water pretreatment to discharged water recovery, with the optimization of the percentage of recycled water.

As regards process waters, the company also supplies the best technology for demineralization processes (ionic exchange, inverse osmosis, etc.) and degassing (atmosphere degassers and pressurized thermophysic plants).