Hitema: customized chillers, efficient solutions, dynamic development and quick answer

Hitema: customized chillers, efficient solutions, dynamic development and quick answer

Hitema® International is a specialist manufacturer of customized solutions for process cooling and industrial comfort applications.

Hitema®, unlike many of its competitors, is a complete industrial reality, thanks to its production center for the machining of robotic sheet metal, copper tubes, carbon steel or stainless steel up to the construction of heat exchangers of coaxial type called “self-cleaning”.

It is a complete system, made up of men and machines with very different skills and knowledge, but always interconnected, able to quickly change the production and to increase the customization of semi-finished products used onboard the Hitema® machines.

The high quality achieved allows Hitema® to export its products worldwide, in particular in the USA, Canada, Russia, Middle East and others countries.

The wide range of applications that Hitema® have developed satisfy highly customized sectors, such as Food Processing, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Machine Tools, Plastic Processing, Wineries, Automotive Industry and Air Conditioning.

In these areas of “niche” Hitema® has realized systems characterized by excellent energy results, thus allowing the company to acquire new sensitive markets.

Hitema® works to be a reference point for its Customers from the very earliest stages of the work. Thanks to its technical department, full of specific skills for each sector, we are able to guarantee a top quality support also during Project inception, development and design. Hitema®’technicians are able to ponder the choices of the Customer, thus becoming proactive in providing services and giving way to the development of new projects, in synergy with acquired know-how.

Hitema® International, has expanded its Chiller portfolio with new Series using eco-friendly refrigerants like HFO 1234ze and the natural fluid PROPANE (R290), but also developing the new TURBOCOR Series.

All the new Products ensure low installation footprint, stable part load control at all conditions and high safety standards.

Environmental sustainability and high energy efficiency, are the main goals achieved by the technical department during the development of Hitema® products, indeed each of these series can be equipped with integrated free cooling technology to reach the maximum exploitation of the natural resources.

The innovative approach to the design and production has been rethought and an enormous flexibility of production facilities was acquired. This change has permitted to increase the level of customization of the products, in order to create tailor-made solutions upon Customer needs.

Visit our website www.hitema.it or write us – customer.care@hitema.it for more information about our Company and Products.