Favrin – Arabic Edition

Favrin – Arabic Edition

Favrin looks to the future

Favrin S.r.l. was born in the early 1970s, from an idea of Franco Favrin, as a company for sheet metal processing and for the construction of livestock facilities.

After years, thanks to the experience it evolves in the processing of stainless steels, building machines for the wine and food sectors, with particular regard to the processing lines for fruit and vegetables.

All Favrin machines are designed and built within the company’s headquarters in Valdobbiadene (TV).

The specific focuses that identify Favrin products are: the easy way of use, the high value for money and the possibility, cooperating with its clients, to find always the best possible solution, from small artisan productions to large industrial processing installations.

This allows Favrin to continuously expand its range of machinery, developing new versions or starting with completely new projects. In this way it has day by day the possibility to offer clients new technologies.

Favrin main products are:

• Basket washing machine for small productions

• Washing tank with extraction belt or with processing, selection and packing belt

• Washing machine with bubbling tank system and high-pressure tunnel

• Washing, drying and sorting tunnel for bulk product or in boxes

• Crates washing tunnel

• Complete washing systems for “ready to eat” products

• Air blades dryer

• Vibrating doser (also for bins discharge)

• Belt or vibrating sorting table

• Product processing, selection and packing belts

• Conveyor belts and elevators certified for use in food sector

• Conveyors, elevators and screw tanks

Download the PDF: Favrin_Arabic_2022