Della Toffola Group – Asiatic&Pacific Edition 2019

Della Toffola Group – Asiatic&Pacific Edition 2019

Della Toffola Group, the strength of a cross group

From raw material to the bottle with just one partner

Della Toffola Group is a reference name at world level for the design and production of technologically advanced solutions for the whole wine, beverages and beer production process. Those three divisions successfully go along with the bottling and packing, dairy, water treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical divisions.

With eight production facilities and eight branches, Della Toffola Group is present in all continents, employs about 600 people on an overall operation area of 190,000 square metres.

These are the figures of a great industrial group that has always considered quality, service and innovation as its fundamental elements.

The Beverages Division

Constantly innovation-oriented, Della Toffola Group proposes complete beverages production systems covering any processing stage: from raw material inward to process, filtration, bottling and labelling.

The strength of an integrated and cross group of companies enables proposing machines and systems, such as pasteurizers, premixes, C.I.P. units, syrups rooms, fillers, labellers as well as complete plants that are designed, engineered and fully manufactured in-house by the companies the group consists of.

Lately, the beverages division of the group has been further implemented with dedicated technical and commercial staff, new production investment and R&D, as to offer complete processing plants for fruit juices and beverages production.

The goal is offering a total service, encompassing advice, design, and engineering, thanks to technologies that can really make the difference in terms of flexibility, sustainability and innovation.

Innovation and automation are the elements the group has been strongly investing in. Della Toffola Group smart plants – managed by touch screen and integrated PLC – are characterized by high digitalization and possibility of network connection and remote access, thus creating perfect combination with Industry 4.0 and any beverages production technique.

The Beer Division

In the beer sector for many years, Della Toffola has decided to increase its investments in this sector by launching a new division and its dedicated team. Today, Della Toffola can offer complete beer production plants, both process and packaging.

State-of-the-art innovative technologies, like cooking rooms, are available in Compact version or with 3,4,5 vats and produced with utmost care to details and finishing. Cross-flow filters with ceramic membranes CFK B and OMNIA B, feature the latest technology suitable for any brewery and bringing about remarkable benefits in terms of efficiency, quality, and minimum operation costs. These filters can run for beer filtration and product recovery by means of yield deposit filtration.

Bottling and Packaging

Though AVE Technologies producing filling systems, OMB (linear labellers), and ZItalia (rotary labellers), Della Toffola Group designs and produces extensive ranges of complete, innovative and technologically advanced systems for the beer, wine and beverages sectors, as well as milk and milk by-products, oil, sauces and foodstuff, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

From the simplest to the most complex and highly automated machinery, Della Toffola Group always guarantees easy maintenance and safe systems, and assistance service that supports customers during the start-up and throughout the entire life of the machinery.

All that gives customers the possibility of

Hence, customers can benefit from the support of one partner for its whole production line: from raw material inward, to the bottle ready to be sold. With the guarantee of total quality and high reliability that have always characterized Della Toffola Group solutions.