Bilait – Arabic Edition

Bilait – Arabic Edition

From day one, what guided Bilait was the desire to discover and bring innovation to its sector.

Bilait team is made up of competent staff with a common dream, that of delivering quality and innovative machines, accompanied by the best service in the category, into the hands of each pastry chef.

For this reason, Bilait is committed every day to its work, guided by the desire to improve and grow.

Bilait is the first step towards a new horizon in the pastry sector that it is ready to take together with you.

From 2017 to today, Bilait range has evolved together with the individual products that have changed and improved every year. During the exhibitions it participated in, Bilait was able to demonstrate that the company is growing and that there is no lack of news every year.

Today its commitment is aimed at developing the line of chocolate and pastry machines.

Bilait line of chocolate machines includes: Winnover for chocolate and other creams, R15 compact refiners, small bench temperering machine up to large ones with a capacity of 60 kg, melters and fountains.

The pastry line, on the other hand, includes guitars for single or double cutting of single portions and cakes in general, the machine for cooking tartlets with more than 25 plates in the catalog, the machine for spraying jelly and the thermoforming machine.

Bilait catalog is available in digital version downloadable from its website, inside the technical details on all the machines, moreover, an operator is also available to answer any questions by telephone at no. +39 0365 22 44 24.

Bilait invites you to visit its social profiles where it posts its daily activities and follow it to find out about all the promotions.

Download the PDF: Bilait_Food_2022