BBM SERVICE – Asiatic Edition

BBM SERVICE – Asiatic Edition

Packaging: tailor-made solutions for your plant

Not all plants are the same, BBM is a partner that offers 360° support and a personalised tailor-made service.

BBM SERVICE is an Italian company with a long-term and widely renowned experience in the beverage market, specialized in the supply of turn-key bottling lines for water and soft-drinks. It collaborates and works for the top brands of the beverage industry, offering the same excellence to large multinational firms and local ones

BBM intends to be partner able to offer a 360° support and a personalized service, custom tailor.

Flexibility, quickness, and constant presence are only some of strength points that customers recognize it and therefore the reasons for which they continue to choose BBM.

From preliminary analysis of the business opportunity, through possible solutions evaluations, up to the final supply: a unique contractor you can rely on for making the right choice for your business.

1. Technical assistance, maintenance, remote assistance and training courses

Strong of the competence in over than 20 years of sector experience and with a team of over 50 qualified engineers, BBM offers you a complete services range to support you during all the life cycle of the machines, working on several machine models of the main leading manufacturers.

BBM offers services for maintenance, machine relocation, remote assistance and training. Thanks to their service, customers can rely on quick support to solve emergencies and get production back up and running as quickly as possible, as well as preventive maintenance activities that help minimise and avoid downtime.

Thanks to the introduction of technology, it has been possible to introduce remote assistance, which allows interventions to be managed remotely, optimising intervention times and costs.

2. Excellence in used equipment

A wide range of selected machines completely overhauled, updated and offered at really competitive prices.

In BBM production plant of 7.500 m2 is possible to audit the available models, following the over hauling in each single phase up to the FAT with the customer’s products. Many times a bottling company changes its machinery only because it needs to increase production and has new requirements, linked to the format or materials used, but this does not mean that the machinery replaced is old and obsolete. Buying used machinery means to reduce considerably the investment if compared with the purchase of a new one, and therefore minimize the risk of error when you go to invest in a new business or project.

Buying a used BBM means taking advantage of the competence of experienced technicians, the flexibility of a solution tailored to the customer’s needs, the guarantee of reliability.

3. Spare parts

Whether for scheduled maintenance or emergencies, BBM is a valid alternative for the spare parts supply thanks to the wide available items, to the quickness of delivery and to competitive prices.

BBM Service engineers and markets compatible After Market spare parts that allow a saving of 20 to 40% compared to the price of the original. BBM Service ensures a response in 24 hours and guarantees 100% compatibility of parts to the original component. All spare parts produced by BBM are tested and manufactured to work best in any condition and in any environment. The specialized technical department is able to realize and find solutions for any need.

An independent alternative that allows avoiding long waiting times by after-sales services. BBM Service therefore offers a practical and efficient solution for the replacement of spare parts of the main bottling machines.

4. Engineering

BBM offers its know-how, its structure and a qualified team for highly specialized activities, with the goal to innovate, solve the problems and obtain a saving.

BBM portfolio is composed by upgrade, revamping, update, change over to put on the models of the main leading manufacturers.

Entrust BBM with your goals, and they will be happy to turn them into excellent certainty.