Albrigi Tecnologie – Asiatic Edition

Albrigi Tecnologie – Asiatic Edition

Albrigi Tecnologie can today lay claim to the title of global leader in the construction and implementation of stainless steel plants for use with foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil and wine products. In recent years, it has invested heavily in the training of its collaborators, workers, technicians and office staff, providing training courses for the personnel and innovative IT process management systems with solutions that enable all the work sequences to be coordinated, from the control of the raw material to the certification of the work processes. 

Training is an evolving, constructive process, indispensable for a modern company in order to adapt to the new requirements of clients, especially abroad, who are increasingly demanding and knowledgeable. Various collaborators of Albrigi Tecnologie take part in the various stages of this evolving processes covering all sectors that concern the company, bringing the manufacturing, the quality of the product and service to the client to an enviable level that allows the Verona company to be competitive on both national and international markets.

The quality of Albrigi Tecnologie’s product and the service it performs is acknowledged by all clients but, with a higher than average costs, it has always been considered too expensive, until now. 

The latest developments dictated by increasingly demanding clients, the new technologies introduced in the process systems and the training of the employed personnel have confirmed that, currently, Albrigi Tecnologie’s product, notwithstanding its higher cost, is the only one on the market that guarantees its clients a quality that is already futuristic, to the point that a long-standing client of Albrigi can enjoy an avant-garde product several years in advance of the times, always up-to-date and in compliance with the regulations. 

In addition to the more complex and technologically-advanced equipment, Albrigi Tecnologie has always devised, designed and built the most beautiful cellars in the world, exporting them to more than 30 foreign countries:  the result is that prestigious clients, not only cellarmen but also people from the world of entertainment such as Andrea Bocelli and other global figures, have demonstrated their preference for the Albrigi Tecnologie firm by choosing its products for their cellars, which are regarded as the most beautiful and “shiny with beautiful welding”.  This was how one European businessman, who manufactures trains and has more than 10,000 employees, described Abrigi products when looking for a company at a trade fair in Bordeaux that made tanks for cellars to equip his own cellar. He described them as “well made” and, around 28 years ago, he favoured the Albrigi Tecnologie firm over other larger or more prestigious manufacturers or those closer to him.

In undertaking research and development, Albrigi Tecnologie has collaborated for years with Universities and research bodies in seeking the most innovative solutions for developing the grape fermentation processes, offering its clients traditional cellars but with additional innovations in order to obtain highly developed processes that enhance the properties of the grapes in a natural way, with an eye on energy-saving and technical solutions that help the cellarman in processing the grapes, enhancing the natural properties of every type of grape to the utmost. 

For this reason, Albrigi Tecnologie is the only firm in the world that produces 8 different vinification systems suitable for every requirement in terms of quality, space and enhancing the traditional fermentation processes that are the heart of the production phase of a great wine. 

The ecological aspect is very important for Albrigi Tecnologie: it was the first in the world to commission research at Verona University to reduce the polluting effects of its equipment during the washing or cleaning process through the use of nanotechnology, thereby reducing water consumption, the use of detergents and their purification, with a considerable diminution of washing downtime and greater energy saving, solutions eagerly awaited by wine production companies since these are “dead” costs that impact on company overheads. 

Albrigi Tecnologie is continuing with its programme of research and training of collaborators covering all the company’s internal departments, with the development of new technologies, as part of a three-year organisational plan, given 2022 is so close and that the future is now in the making.