Albrigi – Arabic Edition

Albrigi – Arabic Edition

Albrigi Tecnologie: storing, mixing, weighing, measuring, dosing, transferring, heating, cooling and processing liquids with special vacuum or pressure processes are its specialty

Albrigi Tecnologie can define itself as a world leader in the production of stainless steel systems for food, wine, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, bio-nano technologies and oil industry.

For many years, Albrigi Tecnologie has been studying, researching and experimenting new solutions with the main aim of realize complete turnkey systems with liquid transfer and processing technologies. Albrigi Tecnologie produces tanks, reactors, ripeners and mixers with the highest quality, in order to offer to customers, services and technologies aimed at money saving, reducing costs, times and pollution, limiting or totally eliminating mistakes and contaminations. All these advantages permit to increase production and help customers to obtain a prestigious and high-quality product.

Following the evolution of the market and production needs, Albrigi creates both external and internal systems for the storage, mixing and processing of food liquids in compliance with the safety regulations, according to the HACCP, FDA, PED, ATEX, anti-seismic regulations which are fundamental rules that dictate the basic requirements of Albrigi Tecnologie plants, tanks, reactors, ripeners and mixers.

All systems are complete with pumps, pipes, weight and level sensors, liter counters, manual and pneumatic valves, with inert gas – nitrogen – CO2 – argon saturation, high performance electrical panels. These last are monitored by P.C. and PLC for the management of transfer processes, that operate both in manual and in automatic mode, equipped with customized programs with algorithms, which reduce labor up to 70%.

A wide range of systems make it possible to condition new and existing tanks by cooling jackets, heat exchangers, thermal plates, pipe insulation, thermal power stations, complete with heat pumps, refrigeration units, boilers, steam and diathermic generators oil. Albrigi’s heat generators can be used with low, medium and high pressure and temperature; the excellent performances are the result of a design and construction aimed to ensure maximum energy savings combined with maximum reliability and durability.

For Albrigi plants is used a special finishing called “High Clean Inside”. It is the result of a process that starts from a careful selection of top-quality raw materials, and from the subsequent processing of the sheet metal surface: welds perfectly pierced, subsequently pickled, passivated, flattened, scordoned, rolled, laminated then shaved and mirror polished.

In this way, during the washing processes, any type of obstacle is reduced and consequently is also limited the consumption of water, energy, and detergents.

Washing is a very important phase: it is essential to clean and prepare all the equipment and systems for the processes for which they are designed.

Albrigi Tecnologie is specialized in the study and application of programmable manual and fixed automatic washing systems, managed by PLC, with customizable software and process self-checking systems up to complete sanitization and sterilization in every internal or external point, always respecting environment by reducing pollution, washing times, energy use and purification costs up to 80%.

Albrigi is not only specialized in the study, design, technical assistance and certification of the plant, but also offers the customer a wide range of accessories and spare parts. Albrigi consider them as an indispensable service for the realization and complete maintenance of the plant.

Albrigi: Ingenuity, style and technology at the service of the food industry.

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