Agricarnitec – Asiatic Edition

Agricarnitec – Asiatic Edition

Slaughtering by-products: from marginal product to sellable raw material – while respecting nature

Agricarnitec, an Italian company designing, manufacturing, and installing machinery for processing slaughtering by-products. Complete, high-quality standard solutions since 1969.

Everyone working with Agricarnitec is guaranteed with a constant production through heavy-duty, reliable machinery featuring the quality, design, and originality of Made in Italy. The experience gained in the industry guarantees the utmost reliability of all its equipment.

Agricarnitec understands and fulfils its customers’ requirements, providing elegant, sophisticated, reliable technical choices covered by recognised European certification.

The slaughtering process produces food products, but it also results in large volumes of animal by-products. This leads to an operating cost for the company that has to dispose of these materials with any possibility of income. Agricarnitec provides you with a solid alternative for processing these secondary raw materials, guaranteeing an economic return on all those products that otherwise would have gone unused and, therefore, inevitably discarded. By using machinery specifically designed for each single requirement, you will be able to obtain the organic substances that are constantly in demand and widely used in a great variety of industries: from energy to pet food industry, including fertilisers and cosmetics, as well as the food industry.

Agricarnitec is specialised in designing, manufacturing, installing and starting-up systems for processing slaughterhouse by-products. Thanks to the wide range of machinery and the skills acquired over the years, the company directly supplies complete systems and ensures the necessary support services.

At the same time, a constant contact with business operations, which is fundamental in a constantly expanding market, are guaranteed. The worldwide presence of the sales network combined with the small size of the company, has created the right combination of operational flexibility and cutting-edge technology, maintaining a high focus on detail that has always been a hallmark of Agricarnitec production.

Slaughterhouse by-products

• line for processing meat, bones, fats, and offals

• blood line

• solutions for feathers, bristles, and rumen

Fisheries by-products

• Complete wet solutions

•Complete dry solutions

Pressing oilseeds through single screw presses