4G Ghidini – Asiatic Edition 2022-2023

4G Ghidini – Asiatic Edition 2022-2023

4G Ghidini Srl is specialized in producing stainless steel ball valves and fittings.

4G Ghidini was founded in 1978 by the 4 Ghidini brothers. The company, with over 40 years of experience, has always set the product and service quality as its main objective. Product quality is ensured by using raw materials exclusively sourced in the European Union and by processing them entirely in the production site located in Lumezzane, Brescia. Service quality relies on prompt stock availability of all the proposed items, added value in terms of offer and timely deliveries.

All the products are designed, manufactured and 100% tested before being marketed, following a correct certified construction practice and with the aid of highly advanced machinery to guarantee end-users a high-level product.

The company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. Product traceability is guaranteed throughout the entire production process, from the entry of raw materials to subsequent processing, up to the finished product. 4G Ghidini product is 100% Made in Italy, no import particulars are used.

4G Ghidini products are used in the most varied industrial applications, including pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industry; food and beverage; chemistry, process, water treatment and energy production.

Ball valves with enveloping seals, which prevent fluid deposits inside them, are the ideal product for the pharmaceutical industry. The valve, easily removable, guarantees better cleaning and quick maintenance; the external polish finish offers a treated in details product.

4G Ghidini can provide various specific solutions for the food industry, including arrangements for washing and Pig passage; in addition, all its valves are also available with heating jacket, ideal for use in the production of chocolate.

All our products comply with MOCA regulation (1935/2004/EC).

For the chemical industry, the valves and fittings made entirely in Aisi 316L from bar ensure maximum compatibility with the most aggressive fluids and the most critical conditions of use. Ball valves are ATEX II 2 G-D T4 certified.

Products also comply with the technical regulation EAC TR CU 010/2011 and EAC TR CU 032/2013.

The different types of connections allow 4G Ghidini to customize ball valves according to customer’s needs, making them suitable for installation on any system.

Strengthened of the past and present challenges, 4G Ghidini is ready for the future ones.