Sta Impianti – Asiatic Edition 2017

Sta Impianti – Asiatic Edition 2017

STASTA IMPIANTI Srl is synonymous with tradition and excellence in the coffee roasting field dating back to 1988; long experience in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art automatic machines for coffee roasting sector.

STA IMPIANTI’s growing story is based on innovation that goes on with coffee and looks straight to the future.

STA IMPIANTI Srl is a world leader in design and manufacture of automatic roasting machines-plants for coffee processing and similar products, all capable of rapidly meeting clients new marketing requirements, allowing highly integrated technological solutions.

STA IMPIANTI’s philosophy is based on research and innovation, for more than 25 years the company has been producing hi-tech automatic roasting machines for coffee industries. Its position of leadership is the result of significant investments in R&D regular and constructive dialogue with the clients, conquering new markets. Its commercial office sells equipment and provides customer with service wherever necessary.003

The constant attention to upgrading its knowledge allows this company to be closer to its clients and their requirements, in the search of personalized, tailor-made solutions that reflect exactly what they need; thanks to a high technological profile and the habit to offer tailor made solutions, STA IMPIANTI Srl can satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the market.

In order to provide the best technical service for all its international clients, STA IMPIANTI Srl offers far reaching after sales services throughout the world.

STA IMPIANTI Srl’s quality system was awarded TUV-ISO 9001 Certificate since 2002, a powerful tool for management and control, in order to decrease inefficiency and to optimise processes.

Its quality system includes the entire product life-cycle, from new product in research & development, thorough out sales stages, to the delivery, installation and customer service cycle.

The training level and motivation of its technicians, represents a basic rule in this company’s working, which allows it to keep customer demand in line with the responsibility of each employee.

STA IMPIANTI SRL has always tried to be a step ahead so to anticipate customer requirements or new needs.

The result is an integrated system between ISO 9001 and market specific standards allowing high degree of skills on these coffee field matters.

Its skills and continuous internal training are main goals, because quality of human resources is the best factor to achieve higher standards in products so to understand and satisfy all the customer needs.