Mini Motor – Asiatic Edition 2017

Mini Motor – Asiatic Edition 2017

Minimotor_BannerMini Motor’s history began in 1965, in Bagnolo in Piano, in the heart of Italy’s motor valley in Emilia, when Mr. Gianfranco Franceschini decided to bet on his passion for mechanics and innovative solutions. The first products combined metal and electricity to create sunblind, and internal and external frame automatic motion, but with a distinctive touch: design, the ability of making nice what works perfectly.

Mini Motor brand was established in 1974, when the production was strongly oriented to industrial electric motors; two elements were added to metal and electricity: electronic and IT technology.

ip69k-motoriToday, Mini Motor designs and produces automation and motion control innovative solutions, as well as thousands of items, such as worm gear motors, coaxial and geared motors, drivers, frequency converters, geared motors and brushless servo gear motors featuring top-quality built-in drive and excellent performance, to be used in extreme conditions and particularly critical applications, also in highly demanding sectors, such as food, bio-medical and chemical, aeronautic and naval.

Mini Motor is active in more than 55 Countries around the world and is supported by an efficient distribution network accounting for 5 branches – in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, the USA, and the UAE – and a capillary network of distributors.

Excellence and constant innovation

Mini Motor has always been focused on technological evolution to set and maintain the production processes, raw materials and product characteristics. Constant commitment to find innovative solutions allowed Mini Motor to realize the fundamental concepts of smart manufacturing: human resources, man’s arms and anthropomorphous robots work in a more intelligent and integrated way, to enhance the process speed and increase flexibility.

Mini Motor can therefore guarantee a high degree of customization as well as very high quality and competitive market price, also for standard production, combining in every single product production excellence, operating precision and superior efficiency, therefore higher yield and less cost.

O-km design and production

Motor, gearbox and electronics are integrated in a native way, designed and fully produced in-house by Mini Motor with top-quality and 0-Km components, thanks to a network of carefully selected suppliers of Emilia’s industrial district. This approach enables to achieve:

• higher integration of all the process phases,

• time and cost optimization of final products,

• high productivity, thanks to higher integration between design and production.

Focus on integration, connectivity and user-friendliness

Every Mini Motor product can be easily integrated in an Industry 4.0 framework, because it offers remarkable connection capacity, with the support of the most common industrial communication fieldbus protocols, such as: CanOpen, Modbus, Ethercat, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Powerlink.

Optimized and highly compact design guarantees reduced footprint and simple positioning, access and maintenance. Some series are also equipped with a multi-turn absolute encoder that stores the rate of the latest position of the motor for 6 months, thus facilitating for instance the re-start of the system in case of stop.

Certified quality

Mini Motor is ISO 9001:2008 certified, the standard that is the reference for anyone who wants to have the quality of its production process extensively controlled, starting from customers’ requirements up to the control on any production step.

All Mini Motor products have obtained the cCSAus (Canadian Standards Association) mark for both the Canadian and US markets, and the IP65 protection rating, in compliance with the CEI EN 60529 standard, thanks to its manufacturing solutions and the high-quality components used.

The stainless steel IP69K series is, on the other hand, compliant with the international protections rating of the same name that identifies products totally protected from dust, sand and any small solid particles in general, and suitable for permanent immersion in water and for high pressure and high temperature jets of water.