Clempi – Arabic Edition 2016

Clempi – Arabic Edition 2016

logo-clempi-1Clempi Snc is a firm founded at the beginning of nineties’, exactly in 1992, by Antonio Angelastro and Filippo Laddaga. They offer their customers a multi-year experience in the industrial plant engineering field, in the installation and repair of milling systems, pasta and seeds factories, silos, roasting and any other plants used for processing, manufacturing and preservation of foodstuffs.

Up till now, the serious and professional job of this firm has made it possible the development of remarkable organization and technical skills, allowing it to assure the sector factories complete turnkey plants, from planning to production, installation, service, maintenance, technical advice and solution of all problems related to such a complex system.

The planning stage is trusted to outside technical studies, that provide assistance, project advice and solution of any technical problem, meeting all customers’ requirements.

Clempi Snc’s cooperation with other well-known and certified firms allowed it to reach high standard of manufacturing and experience, making it a reliable and respectable firm. It is also very competitive as for the realization of the work orders, for their quality and for delivery times.

The staff

The organizational structure is constituted by a valuable and expert management, a technical staff of engineers and designers, skilled assemblers. They all allow to provide complete technical solutions: from the planning stage to the executive one, from the workers’ training to the after-sales service.

img-20160909-wa0012Thanks to its many years’ experience, Clempi Snc has achieved a leading position in planning, production and installation of suction and filtering plants. Its technical studies and researches allowed the user factories to achieve excellent results as moderate management costs, energy saving, more safety and adjustment to the industrial safety regulation.

Using advanced technologies, Clempi Snc permits the users to reduce pollution rates in a drastic way, to improve performances and raise the yields.

Clempi Snc especially deals in:

• assembly, dismantling, maintenance and repair of milling plants, silos, pasta and seeds factories, silos, roasting and any other plants used for processing, manufacturing and preservation of foodstuffs;

• production and manufacturing of metal structural work for one’s own and for third parties;

• design, planning and test of precision machines, implements and bi and tridimensional units;

• maintenance, service and advice.


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